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How to Build Equity in Your Home With Smashing Remodeling Ideas

How to Build Equity in Your Home
In today's competitive housing market, every little ounce of effort you can put into your home really helps when it comes to getting the most for your property. That is called building equity in your home. Here are some of the important things that you can take care of for this purpose.
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Last Updated: Mar 1, 2018
Home Equity
Also called real property value, it is the difference between the 'market value' of a property and all 'outstanding payments' towards it.
Whether you just bought a new house or you've been dreaming of selling your existing home for some time now, chances are, you have thought about what you would want to change about your home. Home improvement is huge nowadays, with the rising popularity of shows like Property Brothers, Income Property, and Love It or List It. Watching experts remodel properties ends up with all of us being bitten by the home improvement bug.

But, there is something related to this which is very important. What will give us the most bang for our buck when it comes to eventually selling the house? Follow these tips on how to build equity in your home, so as to get the best resale value on your property.
Kitchen and Bathrooms
View of elegant kitchen
Kitchens and bathrooms are by far the most expensive remodels to undertake, and certainly not something you want to deal with if you're not an expert. However, they are the first rooms buyers tend to look at when they are purchasing a new home. Most buyers don't want to spend the money it would take to redo these rooms just after buying the house, so adding some great features to your kitchen and bathrooms will easily raise the price of the property. You could do a total remodel, adding a soaking tub and separate shower to your bathroom, or rearrange your kitchen so that it flows well with the rooms attached to it. You could also do simpler remodels by replacing or painting cabinets and counter tops, and updating the appliances that are being used.
Master Suite
Luxury master bedroom
Next to excellent kitchens and bathrooms, home buyers in the market are looking for a master suite in their home. No one wants to share a bathroom with their kids, and having a master suite is an easy way to ensure that never has to happen. If you are interested in doing a pretty time- and money-intensive remodel, consider adding a bathroom to your master bedroom, or updating an already existing bathroom to be part of the master suite. Do up the main bedroom so that it is of the level of a master bedroom. The interiors and furniture kept in this room should be as close to perfect as possible. Remember, this is the room where people want to relax and rejuvenate at the end of the day. Simply put, if the master suite is stunning, you can easily ask for more on the price of your home.
Slippers on floor
Updating the flooring is a very easy and cost-effective way to add equity into your home. Home buyers are looking for hard flooring, because it lasts longer, is easier to clean, and looks much neater. If possible, go in for hardwood flooring and put it throughout the entire home, even in the bedrooms. If not, try hardwood in the living areas and carpets in the bedrooms. If you like the look of hardwood but can't afford it or can't have it because pets or small children might scuff it up, there are some great laminate flooring options out there, that are beautiful, more durable, and much cheaper. The thing is, do not ignore the flooring of your house, as this is something that will definitely catch the eye of the buyer.
Smiling woman looking out window
If you can't afford the huge remodels suggested here, or if you aren't handy enough to do them yourself, try replacing all the windows in your home. Although windows aren't the most showy items in a house, they are arguably the most important. Old windows are drafty and leaky, but new windows save thousands on energy costs, and can qualify you for a tax break. Also, you wouldn't want your rooms looking great, until the neglected windows come into the picture. According the interiors, you can choose the type of windows, the colors, and accessories like rods and curtains. Make the windows a place where everyone wants to park themselves and enjoy the view the outdoors have to offer.
Outdoor Living Area
Outdoor living area
Having a yard is nice, but having a deck or a patio is even better. No matter which part of the country you live in, there's nothing better than having a nice party or even just a meal for two outside on a nice summer evening. It is not a great idea to have a sparkling house, but a shabbily maintained garden or patio. These components definitely add a lot of value to homes, and is something that many people don't give much thought to. If your home doesn't have an outdoor living space, consider adding one. This is relatively easy to do, and will raise the value of your property considerably.
Equity is the amount of the home that you truly own. It is the difference between the selling price and the amount of loan that is outstanding. So, it is like, if you were to sell the house and pay off the remaining loan, the amount that you are left with is what equity is all about. As such, besides the home improvement methods that have been mentioned here, important things like regular loan payments and increasing the amount that is being paid off every month will only help push up the equity of your home.
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