How to Build a Door Frame

Amruta Deshpande Nov 4, 2018
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Door frames are a vital component, needed while installing a door. They are available in various sizes, designs, and materials. So, let's learn on how to build one!
An attractive door can have a great impact on your home decor. The frame also plays a crucial part in making your house burglarproof. A strong and tough frame protects you and your family from burglary, and makes it burglar-resistant. Installing it is not a herculean task and can be done easily by understanding the simple steps involved in making the frame.
The frame is designed to fit the door. It encloses the door completely, on all sides. It consists of:
Header or Lintel - It is a horizontal beam that runs along the top.
Sill - Runs along the bottom.
Jamb - Vertical portions that run along the sides.

Procedure of Building a Frame

  • Wood stock
  • Saw
  • Hammer
  • Measuring tape
  • Finish nails

Step 1

Find out the dimensions of your door. Measure its height and width, then add a few inches to both the sides. The opening has to be a little bigger so that the door can fit in.

Step 2

Cut two studs according to the height measured and set them upright separated by the width space. Now add a cross beam, by nailing the sides to the top, in order to form the header.

Step 3

Insert a jamb, on the hinge side, where you can hang your door. You can get 'ready to install' the jambs to make your work easy. Your doorway is now ready. Wedge thin wooden shims in between the frame and the jamb to get the right level.

Step 4

Mark the place for the hinges with a penknife. Drill in holes and nail the hinge pins. Also make place for the knob on the other side of the doorway. Now attach the knob or latch mechanism. Make sure you set it at the right height so that the tab fits in, when you close the door.

Step 5

It's time to set the door. Find the gap on the top corner of the hinged side. This will facilitate easy moving of the door and it won't get stuck in the frame. Also make sure that the door does not drag or hang diagonally on the hinges.

Step 6

Once the door is hung, swing it a few times to check if the alignment is proper. Make the adjustments if required, till you get the right alignment.
The frames should have a width same as the thickness of the wall, to allow the moldings to fit properly. However, one can also have a projecting frame depending on the choice.
The frames can be of any material right from wood to aluminum. The method to build it is similar to the one described, only with a few changes depending on the material used. Choose frames that not only look good, but are also strong and safe.
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