How to Build a Bar

Rutuja Jathar Dec 10, 2018
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There are many people who want to know how to build a bar in their dwelling for the comfort level that the home bar provides. Well, it is relatively an easy job, provided one is acquainted with several basics of how to build a home bar.
So, you have also been living with the dream to build a bar in your basement and turn your house into a popular zone amongst your peers? Then, let me assure you that building a bar in your home is easy and one of the most creative jobs one can find amongst all the home construction jobs.
Learning how to build a bar is one of the greatest ways of home decorating. It is also a nice way of helping yourself to find a cozy and comfortable place of your own to enjoy delightful evenings with your favorite company.
To make this possible, one needs to be thoughtful, innovative, and watchful as well. While learning to build a bar, the first rule is that, it must always be appealing, inviting, and suitable with the rest of the interior decoration of the house.
There is no one walk into a home improvement store and hand over the list of all the essentials that are required to build a bar. There is a need of planning and building a bar is a thoughtful process in itself. There are way too many bar designs that we come across and adore at the same time. The key here is to fix one of the most appealing of them.

Design and Theme

Decide upon what exactly are the desired shapes of the bar and its theme accordingly. Decide whether you want a wet bar or a plain bar and start working towards it.
L-shaped bar, Z-shaped bar, apartment bar, 8 foot bar, keg bar, wet bar, back bar, portable bars, mini bars, corner bars, fold away bars, etc., and so many are the bar designs which you can choose from.
Home bar theme is also worth considering. Bar theme, would be obviously uniformity in all the things that you are planning to set in the bar. Wooden furniture, rustic decor, glassware, etc., gel great with the bar furniture.
It is always better to decide a theme that will suit to the look of the bar as a whole. Suitable bar accessories, furniture, and spirits are some of the things that are needed to be considered before building the bar.

Space and Measurements

It is true that one can build a bar in literally any room of the dwelling. Still, to make it more convenient, one must decide the perfect place for the bar.
A basement, living room, morning room, cove, underneath the staircase, corner of the room, etc., are some of the suitable places for setting up your bar. If you are in process of building the house, why not design a special place to build a bar like a den or a basement for instance?
Coziness, being the prime concern and an important step in building the bar, accurate measurements become all more important here. Measurements will also help you to decide the theme and the design.
It is hence best to decide the theme and design of the bar, after measuring the area of the house, where you are planning to build a bar. Standard measurements of the bar are - 43 inches high and 42 inches of the depth.

Construction and Materialization

The best way to build a home bar is to buy an easy home bar construction plan, that can also be available on the Internet. Measurements of the bar, will also help you to decide upon the budget and accessories that fit into it. There are so many commercial bar accessories that are optional for a home bar (some of them being very important).
Plumbing (in case of the wet bar), place to keep the bar keg and mini fridge , home bar cabinets and shelves to showcase the spirit stock of your house, standing, seating area that will compile bar stools, chairs, love chair, or any comfortable seating, glass area and positioning, etc., are a few things that need deep attention while building a bar at home.

At the Top of the Bar

The top of the bar needs special attention, just like the ceiling of a house and any room. For that matter. It is one of the most visible and highly noticeable area so be generous on expenditure here.
There are various ways to make the bar tops attractive and you can arguably opt any of them. Bar top with layers, is the latest buzz. They are wooden layers (different woods) that serve as the top of the bar. Choose the suitable wooden boards and install them in such a way that they won't collapse and cause a major damage.
Cabinets and shelves of the bar are optional if one has a portable bar or a mini bar, with cabinets underneath. But for large bars, there is need for a special consideration when it comes to the shelving and storage.
Wooden storage cabinets and shelves are highly in demand and oak, pine woods are some of the favorites too. One can also use veneer plywood that are less expensive, elegant, and durable as well.

Finishing Touches

This is one of the easiest parts that is also a creative one and varies as per the personal choice. Some of the common and basic finishing touches include sandpapering the woods, coating wooden furniture with two coats of stains (to keep them safe from mites and wearing), coating the top with 4 to 5 coats of polymers like polyurethane is also useful.
As a personal choice one can also install several bar accessories like Chicago rail, wine racks, and several distinct bar moldings. The most important factor is the variety that one maintains in the home bar. Have you ever gone to a bar that where beer or vodka is out of stock?
That is, you would have to start storing the spirits in plenty. Some of the essential spirits include, beer, vodka, Bourbon, Canadian whisky, rye whiskey, light rum, dark or spiced rum, red wine, white wine, brandy, scotch, gin, tequila, liqueurs like amaretto, sweet vermouth, dry vermouth, Kahlua or coffee liqueur, orange liqueur, Irish cream.
Also, various sodas like club soda, ginger ale, diet cola, cola, lime soda, various mixers for cocktails like lime juice, fruit juices, tomato juice, sour mix, bitter mix, Worcestershire Sauce, Tabasco Sauce, water, milk, half and half, etc., garnishes like fresh fruits, cocktail onions, whipped cream, celery, salt, sugar, etc., are a few from the list.
If possible and required, one can also ask for a bit of professional help as there is no scarcity for the same. With a bit of innovation, you are sure to come up with a great home bar of your own.
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