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How to Build an Awning

Shashank Nakate Dec 1, 2018
Awnings are overhead coverings which act as an extension of the house. These are generally built to cover patios and balconies. Let's learn how to build one!
A secondary covering or a canopy that is attached to the exterior part of the house and is a nice enclosure to relax and spend leisure time is referred to as an awning. It provides us protection from rain and wind. The types of cloth commonly used for this purpose are polyester yarn, cotton, or cloth prepared from acrylic.
The poles on which the cloth is placed are made from various materials such as iron, aluminum, steel, or wood. Nowadays, different types are available in the market. The basic two types are the automated overhangs and those which are manually operated. Owing to the simplicity and ease with which they are installed, the manually operated ones are preferred.

How to build an awning yourself

One has to follow some simple instructions in order to build a nice and strong awning.

Materials required

It is necessary to prepare a plan and collect the materials required before building. The basic things needed for the construction are nylon threads, screw hooks, measuring tapes, cloth, stakes, poles, etc. Accessories include grommets, key rings, ropes, and electric drills.


  • The area of the installation is measured with the help of a tape.
  • The edges of the cloth should be covered by a plastic or canvas and stitched together.
  • Grommets need to be attached to the corners of the cloth.
  • Pilot holes should be created in the cloth, at the positions where one needs to place the overhang.
  • Screw hooks should be attached to the holes. The place where hooks are attached is the point from which the awning starts to roll.
  • The cable is fastened at this point.
  • The next step in the process is to insert key rings in grommets.
  • The grommets present on the part of the canvas opposite to the wall and not adjacent to it should be fixed with these rings.
  • Then, the stakes or poles should be installed.
  • The grommets need to be hooked to the cloth from above the poles. The grommets that are nearest to the poles should be tied with ropes.
  • The rope should be pulled to see whether the poles are firm enough.

Types of awnings

Wooden Awnings

They are built using specially treated wooden poles or stakes that don't rot during the rainy season. Thus, they protect us from sunrays as well as rain.

Retractable Awnings

These are used to cover patios, balconies, and even carts. They are easy to use and also quite affordable. One can skip the cumbersome manual procedure by using retractable ones.
Most of these are made of vinyl; however, those made from aluminum are also available. Nowadays, the use of mobile home awnings has become popular. They enhance the look of the house to a great extent.
If these instructions are implemented properly, one should be able to build a strong and decorative awning.