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How to Build an Armoire

How to Build an Armoire

An armoire is a storage unit that resembles a closet and is used for storing clothes, jewelry or kitchen supplies. Although armoires are available in the market they come with a very high price tag. So the next best thing is to make one yourself.
Rimlee Bhuyan
An armoire is an essential storage unit to have in your home and it can serve many purposes. In the bedroom an armoire can be used as a closet to store your clothes. A smaller armoire can hold all your jewelry, shoes and other accessories. In the kitchen an armoire can be used for storing your essential kitchen supplies. Whether you use it for storing clothes or kitchen supplies, an armoire is an invaluable storage solution for your home. There are many different types of armoire designs and styles available in the market. Of all closet design ideas, an armoire is the best. From old-fashioned stained wood armoires to mirror finished and tile edged ones, there are armoires to suit any home décor. However armoires are quite expensive and can dent your wallet by a few thousand dollars. If your heart is set on having an armoire for your bedroom, then why don't you build one yourself! I know that the whole idea of constructing an armoire seems very challenging, but if you have some basic carpentry skills, you can very well build one yourself.

Building a Wood Armoire

Things required
  • 4 sheets of 4'x8'x ¾'' birch plywood
  • 72.25''x39'' sheet of ¼'' birch plywood
  • 1 roll of birch 3/4'' iron-on edge banding
  • 78 feet of 1''x3'' aspen wood
  • 24 feet of 1''x2'' aspen wood
  • Six ¼'' cabinet shelf brackets
  • Industrial strength wood glue
  • Semi gloss lacquer
  • 2 sets of European door hinges
  • Hand held saw
  • Carpenter's square
  • Circular saw

This particular DIY project can be broken down into three sub sections. You need to assemble the doors of the armoire, the cabinets of the armoire and the shelves. Finally all these sub assemblies needs to be set up into the final finished armoire. Let us first start by constructing the doors of the armoire.

To make the doors of the armoire, you need to follow the instructions given below.
  • First cut the 1''x3'' aspen wood strip into 24 pieces, with each strip having a length of 39''.
  • Next cut the 1''x2'' aspen wood strips into 4 pieces, each piece measuring 70.5'' in length.
  • Place the 1''x3'' wood strips on the floor with a spacing of 70'' between them.
  • Next place the 1''x2'' aspen wood pieces across the 1''x3'' strip making sure that the four strips are equally spaced between them.
  • You will get a shutter blind like effect and this is what we are looking for.
  • With the help of a carpenter's square, align the top of the vertical wood strip with the first horizontal strip and secure it with wood glue.
  • Glue the vertical strip at the intersection of each and every horizontal wood strip.
  • Nail the pieces with the help of a nail gun so that the pieces are secure.
  • Repeat the process with the three remaining vertical strips of wood.
  • Next cut the assembly into two equal parts at the center with a circular saw to create two doors.
  • Sand down the two doors and apply a coat of semi gloss lacquer.
  • Allow the doors to dry.
Now that the doors are constructed the next step is to construct the cabinet of the armoire. The instructions follow.
  • Cut out a 24.5''x39'' and 37.5''x23.375'' from the birch plywood with the circular saw.
  • Cut 2 pieces of 71.5''x23.375'' from the birch plywood. Secure the two 71.5''x23.375'' pieces over the 37.5''x23.375'' piece with nails and wood glue.
  • The 37.5''x23.375'' piece will make the bottom of the armoire and the two 71.5''x23.375'' pieces will make the sides of the armoire.
  • Nail the ¼ '' birch plywood to make the back of the armoire.
  • Your armoire cabinet is done.
Now you need to construct the shelves inside the armoire and then assemble the structure together.
  • With the help of a hand held saw, cut a piece of 3/4'' birch plywood to measure dimensions of 20.5''x37.75''
  • Next cut two pieces of 1''x2'' aspen wood into 37.75'' strips.
  • On the long edge of the birch plywood, glue and nail the aspen strips to create a long U shape.
  • Sand the shelf with a fine grit sandpaper and paint it with a coat of lacquer.
  • Glue this shelf inside the armoire cabinet at the midpoint of the armoire.
  • Construct 4 wooden legs for the armoire with the birch plywood and join them at the base of the four corners of the armoire.
  • Cut the birch edge banding to the dimensions of the armoire and nail it to the front edges of the armoire cabinet.
  • Nail the two doors to the armoire cabinet with the help of European hinges.
Your homemade wooden armoire cabinet is done. Now that you know how to build an armoire cabinet, you can try making this project over a weekend. You can even decoupage the armoire to give it an antique look.