Home Office Interior Design: Key Points for Office Space Planning

Home Office Interior Design: Office Space Planning
The concept of work-from-home is gaining a foothold rapidly in today's fast-paced life. However, without proper home-office space planning, the idea might prove to be a disaster. Here are some tips to help you design and plan your new personal work place.
While working from home was considered impossible not far back, with the advent of new-age digital technology, especially the Internet, many companies today are opting for 'work-from-home' policy. People who choose this option should have a separate office space where they can concentrate and work efficiently. The following are some steps and guidelines that might help in creating your office space at home.
Analyze your Requirements
Based on your job, jot down things that you require. A computer or laptop, a fax machine, books, notepads, documents, stationery items can be a few things to start with. Doing this will give you a fair idea of how much space you will require.
Shortlist Office Space
The space where you wish to set your home office is important. This space can be anywhere in the house, your own room, an empty basement, attic, or even an old warehouse. If you have a family, make sure that the chosen office space is not an impediment to them. Your office space should not be a hindrance in their chores and at the same time ensure that you don't get disturbed. A home office should be a comfortable place, where you can concentrate without any distraction.
Another point to consider is that the office space should be well illuminated, a dingy environment is not only depressing but also hampers productivity. A window bringing in natural light is always a good idea. Ventilation and electrical outlets should also be checked. Analyze all possible places in your house and select the best one.
Customize it Your Way
The best part about working from home is, it provides freedom to work in your comfort zone. Make the most of this and customize your office space with things that motivate you. It should also be noted that things that distract you should strictly be avoided.
You can have paintings, family photos, spiritual items, and other stuff that can inspire or motivate you when you are stressed. If you are comfortable working with soothing music in the background, you can even have a music system. If noise control is necessary, you can install a door or a partition wall, so you can get your personal space. Don't forget a dustbin, a dedicated dustbin ensures that the home-office space is neat and tidy.
Planning & Space Usage
Once all the above things are done, it's time to make optimum use of the space so that your personalized office looks systematic and organized. The following are some tips to increase free space in your room. Avoid large furniture, keep it as compact as possible. You can consider attaching fold-able tables, so you can fold them against the wall when you need more floor space. For storage space, you can install overhead shelves and utilize vertical space of the room to gain more floor space. Though your office should have almost everything one would need to conduct a day of work or business, the room should not be cramped and should have space to move freely or even walk about. A cramped or cluttered workspace can decrease efficiency and mar productivity. Depending on the available space, you can also consider a small sofa as seating arrangements for any business guests that arrive.
Some Other Pointers
  • You can consider placing your table against a wall that has a window, this will bring in natural light, and you don't have to stare at a blank wall while working. Note that the view from the window should not act as a source of distraction, but should be inspiring.
  • Budgeting for your home-office space will be a good idea as it will give you a fair estimate of your costs and also make your planning more organized.
  • You can take designing ideas and inspiration from home décor magazines and websites.
Thanks to technology, you can design the layout of the room using computer software like Google Sketchup and Ikea planner. These software enable you to plot out your room, including windows, doors, electrical points, furniture etc., in 2D and 3D plan. Since you are going to spend a lot of time in this room, make sure you design and plan it in such a way that you are comfortable, happy, and efficient.
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