Home Office Furniture Organization and Storage

Khushnuma Irani Apr 16, 2019
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Finally decided to settle your office in your home? Now comes the time to think of home office furniture and storage. Here is some information to guide you along the way.
So you have decided to finally work from home, either because you have kids you want to watch growing up, or because you are starting a new business and you would like to keep the costs minimum by working from home.
Whatever your reasons, a home office can be the perfect solution for you. Now comes the time for setting it up.
Buying furniture can be both exciting and traumatic, because it involves setting up the office keeping in mind that it needs to add to the aesthetics of your home and not take away from it.
The office needs to be both professional and welcoming.
Office is a place that you will be spending the better half of your day in, so it needs to be comfortable for you. It also needs to be designed in a way to allow you to work, depending on the nature of your work.
If you need a place that instigates your creativity, paint it in bright colors. If you need calm and tranquility, then light subtle colors could be the answer. Whatever the design, it needs to be neat and tidy.
This brings us to organization and storage. To keep a neat and tidy office, you need to have some sort of organization system.
Big corporate organizations have separate filing cabinets or separate storage rooms, but you might not have that facility if whatever spare room you had has been used as your office.
You can start with a storage organization system. Now, don't look towards the heavens for a helping hand, you don't need it. It's not as difficult as it sounds. Start by keeping the rest of the furniture basic.
No need for a large desk when you can double an armoire as a desk plus a storage space. The drawers and pull out shelves work well for files and other storage. Keep the chair simple too, and get one with an attached light so as to save on space and efficiency.
Another great tip is using a trunk as a filing cabinet instead of dingy and boring metal filing cabinets. A trunk is a great way to store stuff and it can also be covered up and used as an end table or a low coffee table when clients come for an appointment.
Wall shelves are not only for books but can also be used to store files and other stuff that you would need on a daily basis, so that they are within easy reach. If you have a niche or corner that just has a potted plant in the corner, it can be used for a cabinet or closeout. They can be used for storage. Also, wooden cabinets look so much better.
And if you do need big filing cabinets, why use the ugly metal ones. These days a lot of stylish filing systems are available and save cost by assembling them yourself. Also remember to accessorize and design your office to make it look good.
Just because you want to get most of the space you have doesn't mean you cramp every possible place with cabinets and bookshelves. Make it cozy and comfortable.
Don't think too much where your home office furniture is concerned, just go with the flow and get what works best for you.