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Points to Consider While Designing Your Home Gym

Kritika Parwani Dec 5, 2018
Home gyms can prove very useful for people who do not have the time to go to a gym. However, for creating that inspiring effect in the room, it is very important to know the right layout.
In today's age, everyone has become health conscious and understands the importance of exercise. However, for many people, going to a commercial gym is not always possible. Hence, the perfect solution is a home gym. A home gym can be considered an investment for your health.
It is not only convenient and peaceful but relatively inexpensive. But while creating a home gym, it is crucial for selecting a home gym design that is inviting and inspirational. Home gym decorating is easy and even fun.

Home Gym Design Ideas

A home gym can be an investment for a healthy life, but some people might not be able to reap the benefits because their home gyms are not appealing or inspiring. 

Here are some tips that will help you in designing your own home gym and workout plan.


The first step you need to focus on is selecting the color of the home gym. Colors can have a very strong influence on the appeal of your gym. Since a gym is a place where you want to be energetic for your workout routines, choosing calming colors like blue and white is not the wisest choice.
Instead opt for bright colors like orange, yellow, etc that have an energizing and motivating effect on people.
However too much bright color can be overstimulating or even fatiguing. Hence, the safest option would be to use two toned walls with bright and pastel colors for a balanced effect.


Another thing to consider for home gym is the lighting. It is very necessary for the home gym to be brightly lit up to create an energizing effect. Use full spectrum daylight bulbs which create natural light frequencies that have a more energizing effect than yellow light. 
Remember never to use fluorescent lighting as it has a very draining effect. Anther point to consider is how flattering the light is for you. Since it is a gym and it will have mirrors, you will want lights that make you look good and thus, help your self-confidence.


Perhaps the most important part of home gym decoration is the equipment. While selecting exercise equipment it is important to take a lot of factors into consideration. You should not rush into buying cheap gym equipment. It is important to buy equipment of the best quality, which is in your budget and which will help you save money in the long run.
Make sure you buy only what you need and what is necessary for your home gym workout plan.
A treadmill, rowing machine and stationary bike are the perfect choice to maintain cardiovascular health.
Also make sure you have gym mats for stretching exercises as well as aerobics. Also dumbbells and exercise balls are great for weight watchers and can be stored easily as they do not take up much space.
When arranging the equipment in your home gym, utilize the space in the best way. Arrange the tallest machines against the wall and the smaller ones towards the center of the room, so that room look a little better. To make it easier, make a floor plan and remember not to clutter the room with unwanted machines as that will create a very uninspiring effect.


Flooring is also an element to take into consideration for home gym design ideas. There are a lot of options. It is important to select one that is suitable as per your needs and budget.
A hardwood flooring is a stylish and chic option and will give the room a professional look. Remember that rubber mats are essential if you go for hardwood flooring, but to make it look better you can use colors that blend with or complement the walls.
Another option is investing in carpeted flooring. It will create a comfortable effect for doing floor exercises but will need a lot of maintenance.
These were just a few design ideas for home gym that need to be considered. For more inspiration, try picking up some magazines and books. Though home gym decorating may seem like a lot of work, it will be well worth the effort when you achieve the body you always wanted and lead a healthy life!