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Home Decor with Lamp Shades

Home Decor with Lamp Shades
Even the most simple lamp shade can add a touch of style and class to your home décor. These shades are available in an array of materials, designs, colors, and styles. In this article we give you a brief on some of the best options you can use, to enhance the beauty of your home.
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These days, lamp shades are available for home décor in a vast variety of materials such as: fabric lamp shades made of rustic weaves, pleated fabrics, shantung, burlap, jute, and linen; paper lamp shades made of plain as well as exotic papers, classic and translucent oiled parchments, and even eco-friendly paper. And for that über-chic look there are lamp shades that are made of stone, porcelain, and glass. With such a plethora of lamp shades available in the market, it can be difficult to know where to begin when choosing them for your home.
Glass Lamp Shades - These shades are graceful and elegant and are typically available in antique and classic designs, although these days, manufacturers are also incorporating modern designs to suit the contemporary home décor of today. Some of the various styles of glass lamp shades include: reverse painted, student, ball, lily or tulip, reflector bowl, and stained glass lamp shade. Although they can be exquisitely elegant, glass lamp shades are very fragile and expensive, two factors that must be kept in mind.
Tiffany Style Lamp Shades - These lamp shades have been redesigned and reproduced into practically every type of function, shape, color, animal, and flower. They are made up of several pieces of stained glass, which are soldered together with a lead or copper border around each piece of glass. Traditionally, the pieces of glass have been shaped into patterns depicting some aspect of nature. However, these days they are made according to various art styles that range from modernistic to art nouveau. Tiffany style lamp shades are not meant to blend into the home décor, but stand out, because of their sheer dazzling beauty. A Plain-Jane lamp can be transformed into a work of art with this kind of stained glass lamp shade.
Antique Lamp Shades - These lamp shades, made of satin, velvet, and silk, with braided and beaded fringes, and the corner covering made of lace, are beautifully elegant in an inimitable Victorian world style. Usually hand-made and custom-designed, beaded lamps shades made in the antique style are particularly graceful.
Western Lamp Shades - Made of pig skin, deer skin, calfskin, and various other kinds of leather lamp shades, this style creates a wonderfully rustic ambiance, harking back to the old Westerns of the John Wayne days. These country lamp shades are ideal home décor for country homes, cottages, ranches, and cabins.
Chandelier Lamp Shades - Pretty and dainty things, chandelier lamp shades add a touch of dramatic distinction to any chandelier. Available in a wide range of fabrics and shapes, chandelier lamp shades can add pizzazz and glamor to any interior design.
Mica Lamp Shades - These lamp shades go back to the time when electric lights were first used in the US, and they continued to be a part of the lighting fixtures right up to the 1930s. These magnificent lamp shades adorned wall scones, chandeliers, floor lamps, and table lamps. These days, mica lamp shades are available in both traditional as well as contemporary designs, in white and amber colored mica. The translucent finish that is applied to the inside of the mica lamp shades helps to soften the light further. Mica's rustic nature goes well with iron or wood lamps, which are great for the interiors of cabin or lodge style home décor.
Apart from these lamp shades, there are also floor lamp shades, table lamp shades, drum lamp shades, designer lamp shades, French country lamp shades, all of which are available in various designs, colors and styles to suit a wide variety of home décor.
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