Home Bar Ideas

Mamta Mule Oct 24, 2018
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Here are some ideas on designing a home bar that will help you convert a simple space into a happening bar. Follow these tips and ideas and get set to spruce up the room where you are planning to set a bar.
A bar at home is something that most people wish to have. Home bar is not only a great convenience, but affordable as well. What's more? It adds a style element to your house and a good section for partying.
Well, if you are planning to have a home bar, just wait. First, get some useful tips and home bar ideas from the following paragraphs, and then get started with designing a great looking bar.

Where to Set up the Home Bar?

What are the possible areas of your house where you can have a bar? Well, let me tell you that a bar needs to have a dedicated area that can be utilized to have fun and party any time without disturbing other areas of your house.
A basement bar is definitely what most of you would be wondering of. That's a great idea to consider and work upon. How about utilizing the attic area, if it is large enough? It's surely a smart decision to convert your unused attic into a beautiful home bar.


Choosing the primary material used for the bar decor is the next important task? While most of you might opt for the popular wood decor, you can definitely experiment with other elegant looking materials.
Marble, stone and leather are good options to check out. While that plastic decor is great looking and inexpensive as well, leather has its unique charm. Steel is also becoming a hot favorite of designers for beautifying bars, restaurants, reception desks, etc.
Well, if you believe that marble is something that you can't afford, you can just pick those classy marble or granite laminates and play up the entire home bar decor.


Deciding a theme for designing your home bar is much helpful. This home bar design idea will help in having uniformity in the entire decorations of this area. If you are a sports enthusiast, you can have a sports theme. For those automobile freaks, a wonderful bar design idea is to have a car theme.
A rustic theme will make an elegant looking bar. Home bar decoration ideas to complement this theme include addition of wooden cabinets, tables, chairs and wood wall panels to the area. You can also have a theme of a specific color combo.


Colors for home bar essentially need to be vibrant. Red and black, red and brown or black and white make some bright and hot color combinations. This means that the home bar furniture and wall colors, all must highlight this combination to have an overall funky effect.
From the shelves and bar stools, till the lighting and accessories, all must be in theme colors. You can also try other flashy combinations like black and orange, purple and green, purple and black or yellow and orange.


While you check out various home bar ideas, an important thing that you might forget is the furniture. Making the right seating arrangement with love seats, couch and stools, whatever fits the best here is important.
Of course, a perfectly designed counter needs no mention. You need to decide, its shape, material and colors. Then, decide the shelving system. Have enough storage space to keep the needed stock. Refrigerator, strainers, mixers and glasses can't be forgotten. Adding an entire entertainment center, not just the music player is also a good idea.


This is the main element among the various home bar ideas. Having the right lighting fixtures is essential to create the right mood. If you have a small home bar, have enough illumination at the counter and near the windows to highlight these sections.
You can opt for a disco ball, which is an ultimate piece for spicing up the home bar. You can also add the beautiful recessed lighting to the ceiling, especially above the counter or on the wall trims of this room.
Adding the exotic mood lights to highlight some specific areas of your home bar is another unique design idea. Tiffany lamps are among the best accessories for illuminating a home bar. Trendy frosted hanging lamps of suitable colors can instantly spice up the space.
These were some ideas to design a wonderful looking home bar. Combine these ideas with your own ideas and creativity, to build a posh home bar that reflects your taste and personality. Cheers!