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High Pressure Shower Head

High Pressure Shower Head

A high pressure shower head provides a strong stream of water, thereby giving one the relaxing showering experience. This write-up provides some information on this product.
Smita Pandit
A shower head with high pressure settings is definitely the best pick for low water pressure areas. Manufacturers have come up with an innovative technology that can make the shower spray stronger. While buying one for your home, all you need to do is to buy one that is known for the right number of streams, effective stream control, spray pattern, and a design that lowers the possibility of blockages. You will get the invigorating showering experience you need. Various brands are offering stylish designs with additional features. All you need to do is select one that complements your bathroom design and fulfills all your requirements.

Why Use a Shower Head with High Pressure Settings

When the water pressure is high, the volume of water gushing through is more and this provides a strong spray. However, in areas with low water pressure, the volume decreases and you end up with a soft or weak stream that might not give you the relaxing feel as you shower. If you live in a locality with low water pressure, installing a shower nozzle with high pressure settings is the best solution. These convert the available low pressure into assigned high pressure flow rate by mixing air to water. So, even though the quantity or pressure of water from the plumbing lines is low, the resultant stream becomes steady and strong, as it is infused with air. Many a time, the pressure of water might be right, but the spray is weak due to clogging of pipes. So, make sure that the shower nozzle is clean.


While buying this product, you must always inquire about the flow rate. This is the quantity of water in gallons that is pushed in a minute by the shower nozzle. Low flow shower heads have a flow rate of 1-2.5 gallons per minute, and they offer a strong stream. So, if you buy this type, it will conserve water while giving you the much-needed showering experience. Also, look for brands that have a removable or adjustable flow restrictor.

For a powerful spray, all you need to do is buy one that has a high pressure settings, and other features such as adjustable water flow, water bursts, ot spray patterns such as massaging pulsating sprays, rain sprays, power sprays, mist spray, full body spray, combo spray, etc. You can also look for the ones that have large sized orifices or wider angles of dispersion.

If you go through the reviews, you will come across brands such as Delta, Waterpik, Kohler, Pegasus, Oxygenics, and Sprite. These brands offer a good flow efficiency. These come in a variety of finishes that include brushed or polished nickel, chrome, bronze, brass, and stainless steel. The price ranges from USD 50 to USD 500. The cost varies, depending on the features such as a cut-off valve, filter, volume and temperature controls, and spray settings. If you have a lavish bathroom, you could buy the expensive, stylized versions.

If the water pressure is very low in your locality, have a good quality high pressure shower head will provide you with the ultimate showering experience that you always desired.