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Headboard Designs You’d Surely Love

Mamta Mule Dec 14, 2018
Here are some unique headboard designs to spice up your bedroom. If you want to know what is a headboard and the various design options in it, here are the details.
A headboard is a frame attached to the frame of the bed at the end where you rest your head. It might also be a separate frame behind the bed which helps you keep the pillows in place and gives your back and head support while you are seated on the bed.
A headboard is not just about a plain frame used for some support, it can be more than that. It can work as a great utility and storage space, as well as a decorative element. What's more, as a decorative piece it can be the focal point of your bedroom. Thinking about getting one for your bed? Let's see some ideas...

Some Amazing Ideas on Headboard Designs

Country Style

Got an old window frame? If you have one, you can convert your bedroom into a classic country style room. Just clean this frame, do not work on it, leave it as it is for a distressed look. Just paint it in a color matching your room decor or wall color and install it on the wall behind the bed.
You can also get a fabric similar to the furnishings of this room and wrap it all over the frame to have a perfectly coordinating piece.

Folding Screen

An easy way to spice up your bedroom is to have a folding screen installed. You can also buy a designer room divider and place it behind the bed. This is a tall piece and will add height to your room. These come in wood and decorative iron material―both look extremely beautiful.
You can opt for a wrought iron room divider which will give an antique look to the room. Wooden folding screens are perfect to match with the rest of the bedroom furniture.


This is a classic idea to have a comfy headboard. You can construct a wooden or POP frame for the wall behind the bed and have a headboard with a slipcover installed in this frame.
A headboard with a slipcover is useful especially when you keep changing the bedroom decor. A slipcover is a removable fabric which can be changed when dusty or in accordance with the seasons. A darker pattern for the winter, colored leaves for autumn, and floral prints for spring.
An inexpensive alternative to this is to have a decorative curtain rod installed at a height on this wall, then opt for varied decorative designs just by hanging a fabric of your choice, netted, semi-transparent, or thick.


If your bedroom is smaller, or one needs some extra storage then just have a multipurpose headboard. Yes, a shelf headboard is a popular way of adding storage space to the bedrooms. If you think that this will be inconvenient and uncomfortable, then here's an idea―you can have a plain board of the same material as that of the shelf up to a certain height.
So, when you are seated, you have this plain board behind. You can implement various shelf designs above this height. You can keep this shelf open and place lovely showpieces, books, and frames on this.


If you want to give an elegant touch to your bedroom, this is the one for you. You can opt for a glass headboard that will give a lavish look to the space. While choosing the glass designs you can consider having stained glass or etched glass for a more sophisticated feel. You can have the glass in various shapes apart from the simple rectangular shape.
Paneling the wall behind the bed is an ultimate idea to put in a headboard. You can choose from the various trendy wall paneling designs for this purpose.