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Ideas for Hanging Wine Glass Racks

Scholasticus K Dec 1, 2018
A hanging rack is a rack that is suspended from the ceiling to hold wine glasses. Let's see what this type of rack is, what it is made of, and the kinds of places you can install one.
Wine is one of the most loved and relished beverages, with so many people all around the world consuming it in large volumes every year. Many wine enthusiasts are interested in drinking and collecting different wines and also fascinated with the accessories that accompany it. These may include glasses, bottles, or even samples from different brands.

What is a Hanging Rack?

It is a glass holder that is used to elegantly hang wine glasses in kitchens. A rack is hung up on the ceiling so that it is parallel to the ground.
The conventional model is made out of wood and is rectangular in shape. The four corners are attached with chains or sturdy beams, that are firmly rooted or drilled into the ceiling. The rack can be hung up anywhere, right from the kitchen to the wine cellar.
Different designs can hold a varied number of glasses depending upon the size of the rack. Some can hold a huge number of glasses at the same time as they have been made with weight-bearing material. And, some types hold very small of glasses number at a time. The number basically depends upon the size and the material with which the rack has been made.
A vintage rack is made from wood and has metallic chains that are used to hang it from the ceiling. The lower end or the base of the glass is used to hang it upside down in the rack. A small gap is drilled into the wood, and a circle that is bigger than the base of the glass is cut at the end of the gap.
The base of the glass is inserted in this hole and the glass slides in. A vintage rack is the most convenient and is also commonly used in old pubs, taverns, and bars. It is also the cheapest due to its simple construction. The shade of the wood can be changed with re-polishing so that it suits the ambiance of the kitchen.

Modern Ideas

Modern designers and interior decorators have come up with many different ideas and models for hanging racks. These suspended racks are made of a variety of materials. 
These suspended racks are made of a variety of materials. They can be made up of metal, bamboo, or wood. Some manufacturers have also come with models that are made of plastic.
Some modern ones can also hold wine bottles and come with other accessories like towel hangers. Some highly innovative manufacturers have also attached LED lights to them. These kinds can be conveniently hung above the dining table or the serving counter.
Suspended racks do not have to necessarily be attached to the ceiling. Some of the modern light-weight racks, are also perpendicularly drilled into walls. These have one side of the surface attached or drilled into the wall and hence cannot bear too much weight.
The best way to choose the right one for your kitchen is to consider the ambiance of the kitchen. If you are living in an old-fashioned house, and also have old-styled kitchen furniture, it is better to opt for a wooden vintage rack. Suspended racks blend better with spacious rooms that have modern-looking furniture and ambiance.