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Halogen Floor Lamps

Halogen Floor Lamps

The ambiance of a room depends on the type of lighting used in that space. The same place can project different feels, depending on how it has been lit. A halogen floor lamp is known to offer certain unique features. Read the following sections to learn more.
Rutuja Jathar
One cannot simply walk past and overlook those beautiful light fixtures when at home improvement stores. They add life to the home decor. Home lighting determines the mood of not only a room, but of the person living in it as well. It can enliven the ambiance or make it gloomy and depressing. That is the reason why one needs to put in a lot of thought while purchasing light fixtures for his/her dwelling. A very popular option is that of halogen floor lamps--these lamps provide a clean and pure light that reflects through the room and completely changes the ambiance, and your mood.

Advantages and Disadvantages

These type of floor lamps are made of bulbs that have high-melting points. They have a very small amount of halogen such as iodine, fluorine, bromine, chlorine, or astatine (non-metallic elements); which when combined with the tungsten filament burns with intense heat. This creates a chemical reaction, redepositing evaporated tungsten back on to the filament, and thus producing efficient and higher quality illumination.

Halogen bulbs have a longer life cycle which prevents the need of repeated replacement of light fixtures. This is the main reason why these lamps are a preferred choice in interior decoration nowadays. This functionality is not available in the regular incandescent light bulbs, and hence they have a really short life as compared to halogen lamps. Since this inert gas has negligible active chemical properties, you don't need to be worried about gas formation and air pollution due to the same. Hence, these floor lamps not only produce clear and bright light, but also prevent the production of harmful gases due to chemical reactions. These are the two main reasons why people prefer floor lamps that are made of halogen.

The only disadvantage of these lamps is that they get extremely hot, and as a result may cause fire and burning risks. To avoid this, you need to make sure that the drapes, curtains (and you of course) are at a safe distance from these lamps.

Floor Lamp

There is a huge array of types and designs for you to choose from. You can get manually adjustable floor lamps with halogen bulbs, or you can purchase a contemporary lamp with dimmer. Dimmers adjust the brightness of the light and provide versatility in the lighting effect of the room through dimmer panels or digital remote control systems. The changes in intensity of light are called fade-up or fade-down. For instance, you can create an intense ambiance by fading-up the lighting effects. This incandescent light bulb type provides an ultra modern look, and brighter ambiance to the entire room.


Depending on the need of light in the space, one can decide upon the purchase type. A few types that are available are:
  • Torchiere is a type of lamp that is made up of a tall wooden or metallic stand, and provides light in the upward direction. It is a source of bright, yet indirect light. Such lamps create a brighter ambiance in the room as well.
  • Arc floor lamps have curvaceous arcs which are perfect for adding light over a coffee table or a couch, without suspending a light from the ceiling.
  • Tiffany floor lamps have tall stands. They come with a stain glass-designed lamp shade on top, giving it a very antique look.
Cost Reviews
The cost of halogen floor lamps depends on their type and finish. It could range between USD 60 to USD 200. The average cost of a 300 watt lamp is around USD 6 (for replacement). However, these costs are pretty low as compared to the cost of replacing a few other light fixtures regularly. These lamps come with one or more halogen bulbs, and hence, you need to decide on the number of lights that are needed for the room.

All in all, you can surely purchase a halogen floor lamp to add a trendy look to the room; and experience the efficient light and cost-cutting benefits of these beautiful light fixtures.