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Hallway Decorating Ideas

Aastha Dogra Dec 24, 2018
The hallway is a very important part of the house in terms of presentation. If done well it gives a welcome feeling to the person entering the home. Here are some of the most creative, practical, and easy hallway decorating ideas that you can consider.
While decorating the house, hallways generally get ignored. They are the walkways which inhabitants of the house use to get from one room to another.
Usually, they become the dumping ground for all the unwanted things in the house such as old newspapers, clothes, etc. As they are visible from most of the rooms, this can dampen the look of the entire house. The solution? Extend the interior decoration of your house to the hallway! Decorate it in such a way that it reflects your personality and style!

Wall Colors

The walls should be painted in light, neutral colors such as beige and white, so that it appears spacious and at the same time dispels darkness, if any. However, there are always exceptions to this rule. If your hallway is large and wide, experiment with a plethora of bright colors such as red and yellow.
Ensure that the colors go with the interior painting in the other areas of your house. One good idea is to paint it in a neutral shade and just when it is about to end, paint it in two or three shades darker color. If there is an adjoining staircase, you can spice up the look by painting the stairs in some unique colors and patterns.

Wall Treatments

To do something different and unique with the walls, consider wainscoting. To keep things simpler and have a similar effect, wallpaper is an easy option.
If you have a dado rail, keep the wallpaper above plain and the one beneath it, patterned or embossed. For those of you who are willing to put in effort, time, and money, plaster finishes in sand and grains, marble flour, limestone, etc., can be looked into.


Lighting plays a big role in the decorations. You can choose from ceiling lights, wall lights and table lights, according to your requirements. Wall sconces, placed around five feet from the floor, illuminate the area and are ideal for small spaces.
Track lights can be dimmed or made brighter according to your choice. Their best feature is that they can direct the light anywhere. Recessional lights are the best option for highlighting a piece of art. To add to the decor, hang a chandelier or a pendant at its entrance so that anybody walking in can admire it's beauty!


Well chosen and appropriately placed accessories can really add to the appeal.
► One of the ideas is to hang a few framed family pictures on one of the walls to make it more warm and inviting. Leave almost no space in between the pictures to enhance their impact. If you want a classic look, hang only black and white photographs. Also, the frames of the pictures should match with your decor.
► If you want to give the area a gallery kind of look, hang an artwork. Use a spotlight over this artwork to draw attention to it.
► You can also hang a large framed mirror in it. Mirrors reflect light back, both natural as well as artificial, thus, increasing visibility, brightness and beauty. They make the space appear bigger than it actually is!
► Sometimes, the place may appear very isolated compared to other spaces in the house. So, to make it look inviting, add some furniture pieces to it. Console table, foyer table, chairs and mid-sized cabinets are some furniture items that you can keep here. Remember, not to clutter the way too much!
► Along with the wall decorations, pay attention to the floor space as well. A floor runner or a colorful rug can completely change the look. In fact, if a staircase runs through your hallway, add an attractive stair runner to it, to add to the decor.
Besides the aforementioned ones, here are some more home ideas - Place a coat and umbrella stand in one of the corners that is near the door, to utilize the space. Add candles on either side of the mirror to give it a royal, classic touch. Keep a foyer table near the entrance and place a vase of flowers over it to welcome the guests.
With these ideas, you will definitely be able to create another warm, attractive space in your house!