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Designing Guest House Floor Plans

Incredibly Useful Tips for Designing Guest House Floor Plans

If you are planning to embark on a project to design your own guest house plans, then this article will be helpful. Here, I share some tips on designing them on your own.
Omkar Phatak
Last Updated: Mar 9, 2018
Having a separate guest house always comes in handy, when you are packed up with visitors at your house. It can also double up as a weekend home for you and be a place of relaxation. Making your own plans grants you an opportunity to create an extra living space, that meets your expectations. The rough plan that you make, inculcating all your expectations, can later be refined by a professional architect.

Designing a guest house is adding more space to your home, which gives you an opportunity to be a gracious host to friends and relatives, who visit often. It gives you an opportunity to include all those things, which you always wanted to inculcate in your house plan, but couldn't. Before you start making your own plans, you need to have a clear idea about the budget which you can afford to allocate and the dimensions of the piece of land, on which you plan to build it.

This will help you in creating a plan, that is customized to your requirements. People opt for small guest houses, that are generally built on adjoining extra space of land. Of course, you could also be planning to build one, which is built farther away and doubles up as a weekend getaway. You don't want to make it too comfortable or else, your guests would never plan to leave.

Tips on Designing Plans

Building a guest house is a big construction project and requires very detailed planning. You will need professional help later, from an architect, but creating plans of your own, will help you in conveying your demands to the architect, in a better way.

Study Plans
First thing to do, before you begin, is to acquaint yourself with the latest architectural trends. Check out the architecture devoted magazines for different plans. Visit guest houses built by friends and neighbors. Make a file of design aspects in these various plans, that you would like to include in your own.

Make a List of Amenities
Make a list of features and amenities, which you plan to have in your own guest house. Make an exhaustive list of all your expectations.

Look For Online Plans
There are many architecture devoted websites, that offer plans of various types and sizes, that are planned to suit your needs. You could check out these plans and print out the ones that catch your fancy.

Begin Planning, Floor By Floor
Once you have started getting a feel of what you have in mind, start making a plan, taking your budgetary limitations into consideration. Decide on the number of floors, rooms, and general layout. Start designing, floor by floor. Make sure that you take measurements into consideration.

Roofing, Flooring, and Electrical Connections
Some of the things that must be included in the design are the roofing, flooring, and electrical connections. You need to include these things in your plan.

Furniture, Painting, and Interior Design
Once you have decided upon the framework of the guest house, you can start with interior designing. This includes choosing furniture, painting, and interior design. Here is where you apply the knowledge, garnered from magazines and architectural books.

Draw Your Own Rough Plan
Make all these rough plans on a graph paper and make sure that it is made to scale. Once you are ready with the rough plans, you can begin creating a 3D floor plan, using architectural software that you find online. Once you have made changes, according to your budgetary constraints, you can submit the plan to your architect, who will then refine it, according to his knowledge.

Hope this article has encouraged you enough, to try your hand at designing your own guest house. Not only will it help you in realizing your dream house, but it will also provide you with a realistic idea of the budget required.
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