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Guest Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Guest Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Are you thinking of making the guest bedroom brighter and prettier? Looking for simple decorating ideas? You are at the right page. The aim of this article is to put forth some exciting guest bedroom ideas. Read on, to know more...
DecorDezine Staff
Now that summer is approaching, you must be totally in the throes of the holiday season. Many of you might be expecting holiday visitors from out-of-town. So I thought I would write down some guest bedroom ideas and tips so as to create a perfect retreat for your guests.

Giving a makeover to your guest bedroom involves buying comfortable furniture and using pleasant colors, elegant accessories, and soothing fabrics. Stylish and minimalist furniture reflects your need for tidiness and cleanliness. Even simple bedroom decorating ideas can help change the look of the bedroom completely. By implementing such ideas, you can transform the dull and boring bedroom into a spectacular one.

Colors, illumination, fixtures, windows, curtains, furniture, carpet, everything should help enhance the look of the bedroom and give a cozy feel at the same time. Decorating the bedroom is a family activity. It can be enjoyed by parents and children together. Guests are far from home and a well decorated cozy bedroom can always make them feel welcome and comfortable.

It's easy to decorate a guest bedroom if you are buying a new apartment. It is not difficult to change the looks of an existing bedroom too. You just have to consider the decor and the facilities that you are going to provide. Wooden side tables, an attractive clock, a beautiful table lamp, a modern painting on the wall, a fluorescent green plant in the corner or a delicate flower vase can change the looks of the room. If the guest bedroom is looking like a store room, here are some simple decorating ideas and tips for you. Implementation of these bedroom decorating ideas can transform the store room into an attractive guest bedroom.
Simple Decorating Ideas for Guest Bedroom
Modern Bedroom
Guest Bedroom
Guest Bedroom
✔ Comfortable Furniture
If you are planning to buy a new house, you can plan for built-in furniture in the guest bedroom as it will help maximize the space in tight quarters. You can design an arch built into the original brick wall which will serve as a 'canopy' of sorts for the bed. You can then carefully choose decorative bedroom furniture, such as, a wooden bed, and a small chandelier, dressing table and chaise, which will act as feminine counterpoints to the rustic brick wall. You can buy a comfortable chaise for the room which would be a cozy place for the guests to relax and they can enjoy reading newspapers or a book during free time. Cabinets with drawers for folded clothes can help the guests organize their clothes well. Buy a simple, portable luggage rack for the bedroom, as it will help to keep bags off the floor. The luggage is kept out-of-the-way and it makes easier for the guests to open and close the bags. It is easy to clean the room if the bags are not on the floor. Don't forget to provide empty hangers and ample closet space for guests to hang garments. Keep a clean dustbin in a corner. Check that all the fixtures are functioning well. If you want the cozy bedroom to appear bigger than it actually is, you can use French glass or mirror as a grand headboard. You may buy two twin beds for the guest room instead of one large bed. Guests can either choose to sleep apart or they can push the beds together to form a king size bed. And remember, stacks of fluffy, colorful pillows make for an inviting bed. All this will really impress the boarders.
✔ Natural Resources
Small pots with green plants, and a bunch of colorful flowers in an attractive vase can enhance the beauty of the room. Big windows help bring the exterior into the interior. Blue skies and green plants can make the room bright and lively. You can keep scented candles too. A beautiful flower arrangement can bring in the freshness required. All these small things reflect your curtsey and hospitality.
✔ Cool Colors
Right paint colors can transform your guest room into a little paradise. Pastel shades, for instance, light ivory or dove-gray can give a warm look. A contrasting color for the offset wall completely changes the looks of the room. The color combination used should match the interior furniture and it should also highlight the bed to make the overall ambiance, inviting and comfortable.
Beatiful bedroom
Red color in bedroom
Modern blue bedroom
✔ Extra Facilities
A stack of books for light reading and a pair of slippers at the side of the bed can make guests feel welcome. You can keep a music player that holds every imaginable song, a tv top box with instant movies. You should clear bathroom countertops and dressing table surfaces before the arrival of the guests, so they have the space for spreading out their toiletries. In an armoire, you should keep bath robes, tissue papers, towels, napkins and quilts or blankets for extra warmth on chilly winter nights. Similarly, you should keep soap and shampoo in the bathrooms. A small welcome kit can make the guests happy. A glass water pitcher if kept next to the bed can solve the problem of waking up thirsty in an unfamiliar space and searching for the kitchen. A cut crystal will definitely look elegant. No matter whether the guest bedroom is small or large, a bistro table and two chairs make a peaceful spot where guests can enjoy tea or breakfast in private, before joining in group activities. If space allows, while buying home furniture, also buy a bit of seating for your guest bedroom, like a bench at the end of the bed, an extra chair or an ottoman. It'll completely transform the bedroom into a suite instead of just the place to sleep. You can keep a personalized guest book where friends can share stories about their stay and write down some tips. You can also keep a guide-book of your city.
✔ Classy Curtains and Carpets
Style that has to be used for enhancing the beauty of the designer curtains in the guest bedroom may change according to the size and type of the doors and windows of the room. Taking a look at the curtain ideas for bedrooms, that are available on the Internet is always beneficial. For example, if you wish, you can create a cocoon like effect by using thin, transparent curtains around the bed. Make sure that the color of the carpet goes well with the color of the curtains and walls.
✔ Fabulous Fabric
Vintage linens can add a luxurious look to the room. You may assure guests a sound sleep by spritzing sheets with a calming scent, like lavender. By using luxurious mix of glistening vintage fabrics and antiques you can transform the guest bedroom into a Victorian fairy tale. Dazzling colors of silk and satin add to the beauty of the bedroom.
The list of guest bedroom decorating ideas is never-ending. You can decide a theme and then buy and decorate everything accordingly. After all, it also depends on how much you want to spend. I am sure, the above ideas can add wings to your imagination and you may come up with more amazing bedroom decoration ideas.