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How to Make Grommet Drapes

How to Make Grommet Drapes

Grommet drapes are attached with grommet rings through which the curtain rod is passed for the purpose of hanging it on windows and doors. This article tells you how to make these drapes and gives you ideas on how to design them.
Saptakee Sengupta
A house without curtains and drapes appears to be virtually nude. The over-sized satin drapes cascading down from windows and doors beautify the interiors of a house. One such charming decorative piece are grommet drapes that uplift the aesthetic beauty of a house. Such curtain patterns are usually meant for large windows where they can hang low till ground. The dense satin and silken fabric makes it look gorgeous. The curtains are fitted with grommet rings through which the rod is passed and thus it forms multiple loose creases which flows down in an overlapping fashion.

Making Grommet Drapes

This is not an unattainable task if you have the fabric ready at home. Knowing how to sew curtains will help you to easily fix the grommet rings to the curtains and then hang it. You can purchase the kit for making grommet curtains from any upholstery shop. They will provide you the correct size for the rings and the rod, that has to be passed through it. The steps are explained in the following segment.
  • First take the measurement of the curtain rod and the ring so that they complement each other. Buy the kit accordingly, or else you can purchase the materials separately and then assemble them. Decide how many rings you will require for fixing on the drape.
  • The density of the pleats will depend on the spacing of the rings. If you fix the rings at least 1 inch apart from each other, then, the curtain fabric will be overlapped in a compact manner. This makes the curtain look much more voluminous.
  • Before attaching the rings, you have to pierce holes of the same size to that of the ring on the panel of the curtain. Fold the panel and cut it in a circular fashion. Now sew the sides by hemming it. This forms the attachment zone of the grommet rings.
  • If you have purchased a kit, you will get the punching tool for fixing the rings along with it. Read the instructions mentioned on the label and then start the process. The rings are double layered and you can start fixing according to the suggested technique. Punch it tightly so that they do not fall off, and fix it on the wrong side of the curtain.
  • Once the holes are ready, you can easily pass the rods through it. Pleat it well so that the drapes look compact and full.
Drape Designs

Grommet drapes for sliding glass doors are very useful since they can be easily pulled off aside while opening the doors. Moreover, choosing the right kind of fabric for curtains and drapes will amplify the amount of light passing through it. You can also utilize the retro curtains made from lighter fabric having contemporary designs sewed on them. Households having large bay windows and spacious interiors are furnished with velvet drapes, as they add a sophisticated look. Faux silken curtains with grommet rings are absolutely pleasing. Satin white drapes with grommet finishing look ethereal in a house that has been painted with chaste and neutral colors. While selecting a grommet curtain, you should consider the interior d├ęcor of your house and try to match it with the other furnishings. If your house has a Victorian setting then opt for the traditional patterns of grommet curtains, hung in antique rods. Quite contrary to these, the colorful designs of grommet curtains complement beach side houses and Mediterranean settings.