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The Astounding Benefits of Green Building That We All MUST Know

Shalu Bhatti Jun 9, 2019
Green building is an environmental-friendly approach towards construction that can actually contribute positively towards each and every aspect of human life. How? This information will explain you the benefits for the same.
Call it a result of Eco-friendly technology or the late human realization towards the environment, it is the time when the world is chanting on the words 'Go Green' in each and every sphere of life! Speaking of the construction and building sector, the Eco-friendly approach has entered in this field as well, known as Green building.
This concept, also known as green construction, was originated in the United States soon after the environmental crisis in the 1970s. There was a need of intelligent and Eco-friendly structure of the buildings which was not only energy efficient, but also contributed towards other health, economic, and productive benefits.
Though most of the people today consider it to be more of a trend than a necessity, this information will take you through some factual information that will tell you that green building is all about long term benefits, be it in the field of your health or finances.

Major Benefits of Green Building

We want to live in a clean, healthy environment, but not if it becomes too heavy on the pocket. The factor that prevents an overall implementation of green building is because one 'thinks' that it is more expensive than the conventional way of constructing a building. You spend a lot more in conventional building as compared to green building.
Though green buildings may seem to be a little heavy on the pocket initially, but in the long run, it will not only prove to be cost-effective, but it will also prove to be beneficial in terms of your health, productivity, energy and water saving and material efficiency. All these aspects are discussed in detail in the next paragraph.

Environmental Benefits of Green Building

Whenever we come across the term 'green', we always tend to think about something environmental friendly. If you think about it, anything that is environmental friendly is 'human friendly' also. What we are trying to say is that everything that benefits the environment, benefits us and vice-versa. Let's see the major environmental benefits of green building.
  • Saves Water: Green buildings are designed in such a way which promotes water conservation and reuse. Greywater (waste water which doesn't contain human feces) and rainwater can be used for the purpose of irrigation and toilet flushing.
  • Saves Energy: Green building focuses on installing techniques like solar powering, day lighting and other renewable building materials and recycled industrial goods including recycled stones, plant materials that are rapidly renewable, demolition debris and so on. All this leads to minimum waste,maximum reuse and energy conservation.
  • Prevents Global Warming: Conventional buildings are made up of elements like concrete and asphalt which are known to retain heat in the building. Green building uses a design approach that enables minimum heat retention.
Also, because it involves the plantation of trees through green roofs and rain gardens, it contributes towards minimizing global warming.

Cost and Financial Benefits of Green Building

We have already mentioned earlier about the general mindset when it comes to going for a green construction, "Too heavy on the pocket as compared to the conventional way of construction". You would be forced to change your opinion after reading the points mentioned next.
  • Water and Energy Conservation: This means that you will not have to spend much on your operation costs, on the contrary, you will significantly save up on your utility bills in the long run. According to the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) system, green buildings are 25-30% more energy efficient.
  • High Property Valuation: Because green buildings are cost-effective, energy saving and are easy to maintain with many benefits, these properties tend to have a lot of value in the market.
  • Improved Human Health and Productivity: You would be surprised to know that statistics reveal that people who stay in a green building tend to have increased productivity because they tend to be more healthy and fit due to absence of harmful substances around them.
People spend about 90% of their life indoors, therefore the indoor environment affects your daily life to a great extent and green building enables positive indoor conditions.
  • Improvement in Retail Sales: It is observed that retail organizations or any other kind of sales organizations using green building construction have drastically improved their sales. This is associated with using skylights instead of electric lights which not only improved their sales but also lowered their electricity costs.
  • Tax Benefits: Even the government realizes the importance of promoting green construction all across. Which is why, in order to encourage Eco friendly house plans and workspace, many tax provisions have been passed to help the nation go for green living.
So these were some of the most important benefits of green building, that are not only confined to the environment, but also the human wellness, both health wise and finance wise. Be it children or adults, living in a 'green' space benefits one and all. It reduces absenteeism and health problems and increases productivity and health.
After reading all these advantages and realizing the long term benefits, are you still thinking about short term expenses?