8 Great Color Combinations for Brown Furniture

Color combination for brown furniture
Brown furniture is an all-time classic option that never loses its appeal. Choosing the right colors will make it look exquisite. In this Buzzle post, we give some color schemes that look stunning with brown sofas, cabinets, or beds. Have a look!
Color Strategies
One color and its various shades to lend a warm, comforting effect
Two similar colors and their shades for a versatile, yet subtle effect
Two contrasting colors for a vibrant and bold effect

The perfect color scheme has the power to create the right ambiance in your home, whether you want to go for a soft homely look, or a vibrant modern one. Along with the color of your walls, you need to consider your furniture when decorating. If your furniture has a lot of bright colors, it is best to stick to neutral or subtle colors when painting. But if your furniture is of a neutral color, you can easily play with the paint.

Many prefer to stick to brown furniture as it gives you ample scope to experiment when decorating your abode. The right color schemes will make your brown furniture all the more stunning. Have a look at some color schemes you can try, in this post.

Color Combinations with Brown Furniture

Brown + White

brown white color combination

For a sophisticated and simple look, white always works. It will go well with any shade of brown, and your sofa will totally stand out.

Brown + Gray

brown gray color combination

The brown and gray color scheme works as both the colors are subtle. It lends a very classy touch to the room.

Brown + Cream

brown cream color combination

Look how comforting this bedroom looks! Chocolate brown is a very homely color, and the addition of cream color makes it all the more soothing. This color scheme is perfect for bedrooms, or even the living room for that matter.

Brown + Blue

brown blue color combination

If you want some color along with your brown furniture, then go for a light and fresh shade of blue. Light blue looks stunning with coffee brown furniture. You can also experiment with textures, patterns, and shades for a more enriching appearance.

Brown + Gray + Orange

brown orange gray color combination

If you want a much bolder look, then orange is your color. It looks stunning with brown, has a vibrant feel to it, and instantly brightens the room. It will work wonders if used in small doses though. Use of gray along with orange will balance out both the colors, and lend an exotic feel to the room.

Paint Colors That Go With A Brown Sofa

Brown Sofa + Beige Wall

brown beige color combination

Beige-colored walls give a homely feel. Use of textures and a lamp makes the simple sofa look stunning. You can ditch the texture and go for a lighter shade of the same color for other walls.

Brown Sofa + Blue Wall

brown dark blue color combination

Leather sofa is always a show stealer. The matte blue color beautifully complements the sofa without being overpowering. If your sofa is light and without any sheen, then you can go for a glossy paint. Never put a leather sofa in front of a shiny wall.

Brown Sofa + Orange Wall

brown orange color combination

If bright is what you want, then you can go for this look. The orange and brown color scheme works fine, and the frame balances the brightness.

These were a few color combinations you can try with brown furniture. It's all about blending or contrasting the right colors. Also, go for a trusted brand of interior paint for the best effect.