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Great Alternatives to Granite Countertops

Great Alternatives to Granite Countertops

Why stick to traditional granite when there are so many other alternatives to choose from? Here are some of these alternatives to granite countertops that look as stunning and give you more.
Puja Lalwani
Granite countertops have been around for as long as anyone can remember, in the kitchen and the bathroom. As durable as they are, there may be times when you may want to get something different for your kitchen; either something more durable or something that looks greater and adds to the aesthetic value of the space it is used in. You may also be facing certain problems with granite countertops which may cause you to choose another material. Contrary to popular opinion, there are numerous countertop options and alternatives to granite, that look as gorgeous, and perhaps better than granite. What are these alternatives? Let's find out.

What can You Use Apart from Granite for Countertops?

Now, there are cheap alternatives to granite countertops as well as the more expensive ones. You have to decide why you are looking for an alternative first, and then make a choice. While you do, go through these options.

Quartz Countertops
The popularity of quartz as a countertop material has been increasing greatly, considering how low maintenance this wonderful stone is. It is a material that does not need to be sealed every now and then, is highly resistant to heat and stains, and is available in a wide range of colors and patterns. However, on the downside, it is a slightly more expensive choice, but one that will definitely last in the long run.

Those of you looking to add a modern touch to your kitchen or bathroom should definitely consider concrete as an option. Concrete countertops are very durable materials and have a rich texture along with a great choice of colors that add element to your kitchen. Concrete too is an expensive alternative (starting at US $75) and may absorb stains easily as it is a porous surface. Having the surface sealed regularly may help deal with this problem. These surfaces though are likely to crack when used in the long run. Since it is a heavy surface, you should avoid trying to install it yourself and should instead seek the help of a professional.

Stainless Steel
For a professional look to a modern kitchen, stainless steel does the job perfectly. It is heat resistant, rust resistant, and unlike what you may think, will not clang when working on it because of a strong plywood base. Requiring minimal maintenance and care, this material is still a more expensive choice to granite, starting at US $85. Consider it if you want that professionalism reflecting in your kitchen. Just be careful of dropping foods on the countertop such as ketchup, vinegar, lemon juice and the like or the surface may stain. If you look for countertops made of recycled steel, you will definitely have an eco-friendly alternative to your granite countertop that is as elegant.

Laminate is one of the cheaper alternatives to granite and unlike older times, is available in a lot more finishes and colors thereby increasing your choice and reducing your costs. Though it may not look as elegant as a stone countertop, you will still have a choice in terms of the appearance you wish to create. The only drawback with laminate is that its edges are visible and should be softened to avoid minor injuries. Should any damage occur to the surface, say an edge chips or the surface gets scratched, it is going to be difficult to repair it. Also avoid placing hot pots on the surface as it is likely to melt. If you can take good care of it, there is no reason why this alternative should not be considered.

These are some of the easily available options in comparison to granite. Your choice of these will depend on what you are looking for from the alternative. If it is a break from the traditional, be assured that the variety that is available with every option is mind-boggling, so you will definitely be spoiled for choice! If you are concerned about the price factor, remember that most of these countertops are long-lasting and do not need to be replaced very often, thereby proving cost-effective in the long run. Hopefully you have been able to decide which alternative is the best for you.