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Granite Vs. Marble

Granite Vs. Marble - What's Best for Your Home?

While remodeling a kitchen, or the entire house, it's always a good idea to figure out whether you're using granite or marble. Read the DecorDezine article to find important information both kinds of rocks.
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
When decorating a house, most homeowners search for items that will increase the value of their homes. Keeping this advantage in mind, while decorating your kitchen or laying new tiles on the floors, many get confused between granite and marble. Selecting the right stone can make a huge impact on not only the value of your home, but also to your style status. Yet, before we go too deep into selecting the right tiles for your home and budget, let's see what each of these stones actually are.
Granite is an igneous rock which is formed due to volcanic activity. Today, there are different types of granite available in market and since all of them are made due to natural occurrence, you won't find 2 granite stones similar to one another. Their surface can't be affected by citric acid or liquid beverages like tea, coffee, and alcohol. The use of granite in homes has increased, mostly kitchen granite countertops because they cannot be scratched, can take hot contents easily, are easily sealed, and won't hold any bacteria.
On the other hand, marble is a metamorphic rock (alteration of an existing rock type). It is similar to travertine, a type of limestone, which tends to attract elements from its surroundings and turn solid. Unlike granite, which comes in array of dark colors, marble has light shades. With the option of having them in tiles or slabs, many homes, besides the kitchen countertops and floors, use marble to build walls and pillars as well.
How is the Cost Estimated
The price differences can certainly become too much to handle as they can determine exactly which stone to choose for your home. The decision is highly dependent on the purchase price, cutting and shipping prices, and installation prices. Here, we will look at the difference of cost between marble and granite, and factors that impact it greatly.
While shopping for granite, typically used in kitchen counters and other surfaces around the house, keep in mind that the price of both will differ. Since granite is heavier in weight, when it is cut into specific shapes, it impacts the price range tremendously. You would add the cost of shipping all the pieces of granite in this calculation as well. But what adds up as the major factor for cost of granite is the rarity of its color, as there are various colors, and the stone's pattern. As each piece is different from one another, granite is a choice for class and higher home value.
Now let's see which factors affect the price for marble stones. As the manufacturing of these stones is basically done in bulk, the cost of cutting and shipping them reduces considerably. More often than not, marble stones are included in bathrooms counters; but can also be installed in the kitchens.
Proper Care and Maintenance
Maintaining Granite
  • If there are any spills, use a clean cloth to blot it immediately.
  • Don't wipe or rub any liquids into the tiles as you are cleaning.
  • Make it a point to apply sealer over the granite. It keeps the shine intact.
  • When there are any stains on granite, the top layer of the sealer needs to be cleaned.
  • Read the directions on the sealer bottle and clean accordingly.
  • For proper maintenance, use a cotton cloth for everyday cleaning purposes; stay away from chemicals and use antibacterial soap instead.
Granite is sturdy and durable. You don't need fancy cleaners to keep this stone clean and it doesn't require much care and maintenance. The only thing to keep in mind is keeping it clean (free of slips) and dry. The only downfall of this stone is that they are pretty expensive. But if you can afford this luxury, then granite is the perfect choice for you.
Maintaining Marble
  • Always wipe the surface with damp cloth; you can also buff dry once a week.
  • Be very careful whenever you place anything on top of marble as it can get scratches pretty easily.
  • Consider using acetone or clear ammonia to remove stains off the tiles.
  • You can use a clean cloth to apply the cleaner and later on buff dry.
  • Every time you place a cold beverage on marble, use coasters (easily gets stained or rings).
If you wish to lay inexpensive marble for your kitchen floors or bathroom countertops, go with white marble. It really lights up the entire place and looks really attractive. The only thing you need to be careful with any kind of marble stone is that it is delicate and can be scratched fairly quickly.
Remember, if it's luxury and comfort you're looking for, then nothing can come close to granite. But if your ultimate goal is to stay within the budget no matter what, then marble is your best friend. The final decision on which of these two you wish to choose lies in your hands and the budget, so make your decision accordingly.
beverage on marble with coaster
applying sealer on granite