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Granite Tile Installation

Divya Bichu Apr 14, 2019
Installation of granite tiles look rich and royal in all places. Besides, granite tiles are strong and durable. Find out more about the installation of granite tiles, here.
Granite is an igneous rock, absolutely strong and durable (normally built to last long). They are highly water-resistant, hence used in kitchens and bathrooms more commonly. These tiles are spill proof and scratch proof as well. Granite tiles are also great in keeping away the growth of bacteria, so are absolutely hygienic.
Granite is one of the hardest and strongest stone used in the construction business. They are available in all varied colors, designs or just plain, hence, matching with your wall color and decor. They also come in all sizes, and you can also cut them as per your convenience and need.
Polishing granite tiles is a very good idea since it adds that extra shine making it lustrous and amazing looking. Here is more information on granite tiles and its installation.

Granite Tile Installation Instructions

Granite is a strong and heavy stone, you have to be very careful during the process, for a good finished work.
Identify the area you are going to install the tiles on, also make up your mind for the size of tiles. Large tiles are very difficult to deal with, so, the medium-sized ones are usually recommended. Figure out the proper measurements of the area and order for the tiles, things are more organized and easy then.
Now, inspect the area of installation for moisture and unevenness. Once the sub floor is made even, dry and moisture resistant, install the tiles using cement based mortar. This thin-set (mortar) is sticky and bonds really well with the tiles and the wall or floor surface.
Use the white thin-set mortar (they come in two colors - gray sand white), buy it from a stone supplier and make sure he gives you the authentic one. Be very careful while installing these tiles on the wall as they are heavy and the force of gravity can make them slide down. Thus, they have to be fixed in tightly when installing on the wall.
While using it for flooring, it works out more easy. Once you spread the mortar evenly on the sub-surface, time to place the granite tiles close to each other. While doing so, a backer broad should be used to ensure uniformity. The tiles should be pressed down in force in order to get rid of the air pockets (if any) and ensure its stability.
Now, once the tiles are placed properly, make the mortar of toothpaste consistent and apply between the joints of the tiles installed. Leave that place untouched for at least 72 hours. The mortar has to bond well and hold together the granite tiles and the wall or floor surface.
Therefore, give it as much time as it requires for drying, and once it is done properly, enjoy the clean finished work. Though the whole finished job looks royal and expensive, in true sense, it's inexpensive and worth more than you actually spend. The cost of the tiles vary according to the color and design you select.

Granite Tile Countertops

Granite tile installation is actually easy once you know the right technique, besides being low on cost.
Granites add to the decor of the kitchen and are easy to maintain. Hot objects, spilling and messy things are common in every kitchen area. Granite countertops are heat-resistant and built-in with a special sealant which prevents it from the damage of any liquid spill.
They also prevent the surface from those stubborn stains, besides being tolerant to other stresses as well. One does not have to worry about its durability and maintenance too. Now, installing a granite countertop in the washroom or kitchen is not too hard, but it requires a good amount of prior planning, since, here, the sink is involved.
Hence, the slab has to be cut to the exact size, unlike other flooring where you just place the tiles one after the other.
The method for installing a granite countertop remains the same as mentioned, but you have to get the granite slab cut as per the required size. If you plan to cut it at home, make sure you use the diamond saw blades and diamond polishing pads to polish the edges.
You also have to install a plywood as the sub-floor, so that the granite slab has an even base. Hence, it holds the slab tightly, ensuring durability. Once you are done with the installation, do not forget to apply the granite sealer to prevent staining. In this way, the sturdiness of the granite tile countertop will be final.

Granite Tile Maintenance

Granite is considered tough, stain proof, scratch proof and heat-resistant, thus, does not require much maintenance. But, sweeping and cleaning the dirt using warm water once or twice a day will only ensure its natural luster and durability.
Make sure you do not use strong acid-based cleaning agents to get rid of the stains on the granite tiles. Appropriate cleaners and polishes keep your tiles looking new, like freshly installed.
It is very essential to follow these granite cleaning tips, as any damage or cracks in your granite tiles will be costly to repair.

Granite tiles are characterized by its unique and durable high-end beauty. So, if you're planning for granite tile installation in your house, it's the best thing you are doing, making your house look more beautiful than before.