Granite Overlay Countertops

Aparna Jadhav Jan 10, 2019
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All of us feel the need for granite overly countertops in our kitchens, as they are the most convenient choices. Read into the coming up article to find more about these countertops and their ideas.
Kitchens, bathrooms, wet bars and other rooms where countertops are required usually have granite as the most convenient option. This is because granite is durable, easy to clean, cost-effective, and is available in various colors to match the interiors.
Granite overlay countertops cost lesser than any other countertop materials. The countertops are called overlay, because there is a basic flat surface which is already created, and you have to simply attach them (lay them over) to this surface.
Out of the various materials used, such as glass, marble, trend stone, etc., granite is the most widely used as it is not affected by water, doesn't break easily and looks great with the kitchen furniture. Also, they can be found in neutral shades, thus making it very effective for matching them with desired interior paint colors.

Granite Countertops

For Kitchens

Kitchens are the first places that come to our minds when we think about granite countertops. Granite has a very delicate look, and it is durable too. So it is the most preferred material for countertops.
There are many places in the kitchen where these overlay countertops are used, such as the main kitchen table, an L shape corner with cabinets, or an island in the center of the kitchen.

Kitchen Tables

These are the main countertops or cooking areas in the kitchen. The sink and backsplash is installed with a burner and a chimney. Maximum cooking, cleaning and washing is done here. So, a convenient surface is needed.
Kitchen tables are supported by one of the walls of the kitchen and are either linear or L shaped in nature. So, these overlay countertops are easily installed on these tables. Granite being most durable and easy to clean overlay countertop materials, is usually a perfect match for these purposes.
According to granite overlay countertop reviews, the granite countertop colors available are black, white, slate gray, brown, olive green, red, and purple. You can match the backsplash ideas and colors with these countertops as well.

Islands and Wet Bar Tables

Another common factor in a kitchen is the wet bar table, or an island in the kitchen. The wet bar table is a serving and sitting area, and the island in the kitchen is an extra area which can be used for storage, sitting, or serving.
These areas are usually furnished with cabinets on the lower part and an overlay countertop. Even though, glass or stone countertops are a great option in this area, to add a unique touch, granite is added to maintain unison throughout the kitchen.

For Bathrooms

Bathrooms are also a place where you have to make sure, your furniture and walls are kept free from water and moisture. Therefore, granite overlay countertops and backsplash ideas are used here as well.
However, the only place that these countertops are used in the bathroom are vanities. Vanities are the cabinet and sink arrangement with a mirror, which is used as the washing area. Here are some great ideas for these vanity countertops.

Vanities in Bathrooms

Bathroom vanities have been an extremely old fashion in traditional homes, but are used in modern homes with fresh new ideas. The cabinets which are used for storage of toiletries and supplies are made of wood, thus need to be protected from the water from the sink. This is why, granite is placed over the surface where the sink is installed.
The space on the wall, between the mirror and the countertop is usually covered with the backsplash, or sometimes, granite is used for this purpose too.
Install granite over countertops by attaching them directly to the cabinet surface, or placing them on four legs supported by the surface. Countertops made from granite are a huge hit for bathroom vanities.
With these useful ideas for granite countertops, you can choose to make your kitchens and bathrooms convenient and stylish! So, take your pick and give your homes an economical interior.
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