Granite Colors for White Cabinets

Puja Lalwani Oct 25, 2018
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Though white is a neutral color, choosing the right granite color for white cabinets is confusing. Here's how to choose granite colors for white cabinets and make the task easier.
A lot of you may like the idea of having white cabinets in the kitchen because of the openness the color white lends to a space. On the other hand, white cabinets may also find their place in the bathroom for the elegance they can offer and make the space look luxurious.
In order to balance the monotony that white brings with it, a stroke of color can be included by having a colored granite countertop apart from having interesting kitchen backsplashes. There are numerous granite colors to choose from based on the kind of contrast you are looking to create. Here are ideas on some great granite colors for white cabinets.

Choosing the Right Granite Color

One would assume that all granite countertop colors would go with white, because it is such a neutral color. While that is indeed true, the color of the granite countertop completely depends on the effect you wish to achieve by combining white with any other color.
For instance, if you want a stark contrast, you may use a plain black granite against white cabinets.
On the other hand, if you want to create a soft, subtle, or neutral effect, you may go for a lighter shade of granite, such as the peach or beige colored one. Now, granite is a natural stone with each slab having a pattern different from the other.
So, when you select a granite color based on the pattern it has, ensure that you look at the whole slab and not a small sample. Seeing the whole slab will also help you visualize the kind of effect the granite color will have with your white kitchen cabinets or bathroom cabinets. 
Some granite slabs are also speckled with the color white, and if you are looking for some element by which you can match the cabinets and the granite countertops, you may choose these varieties.
Granite countertops do not only have to match the cabinets but the floors too. Keep this in mind before you head out and choose an appropriate granite color for your white cabinets.

Some of the Best Granite Colors

Granite is a natural stone that is available in numerous color varieties. Here's a look at the granite colors you can choose for your countertops if you are looking for a bathroom or kitchen makeover with white cabinets.


For a completely neutral effect, soothing gray color can go with cabinets. Gray granite varieties have specks of black and white in them. These add character to the overall appearance of the space. So, it a good choice for white cabinets.


Both light or dark tan granite make for great choices if it is a rustic look you want to create in combination with white cabinets, perhaps to create a distressed look. 
The lighter tan will help you create a subtle but very elegant look, while the darker tan will provide a greater amount of contrast to it. With speckles of black, red, or rust, you get a choice of more colors with countertops of this type of granite.


The red family is another huge family of granite colors consisting of deep maroons to light salmon pink colors. It also consists of some orange tones that you may choose from for a rarer look. Though some varieties of red granite are common, the others may be a little more expensive due to their rarity.


Black is the most common granite color used for white cabinets. It clearly creates a stark contrast, and you can use black if you perhaps have a dash of red around. It gives a very contemporary look to the space and is perfect if that is the look you want to achieve.


Blue is such a versatile color and makes for one of the best colors of granite countertops to be used with white cabinets. Available in numerous shades of blue, like sea blue, royal blue, and further lighter and darker shades, you may use these colors to contrast your white cabinets.
The sea blue granite may be a great choice for a bathroom while the royal blue variety may be the perfect choice for the kitchen. Because it is rarer than the commonly available granite colors, this granite is likely to be more expensive. If you are using it for a small area, the investment may be completely worth it.


One of the more common varieties of granite countertop colors, this is one choice that you may go for if you want a simple effect to be created. Even so, since it is available in light and dark colors, you can actually create a lot of drama with green colored granite.
If you wish to make your smaller kitchen or bathroom look bigger, use the lighter green color for the countertops. Again, for some real drama, try out the dark green granite colors. Balance the contrast with the use of a neutral backsplash, and you will have created a gorgeous space.
So, if you want to incorporate these in your kitchen or bathroom, the aforementioned methods of choosing, and the various colors, granite is available in, should help you take the decision. Simply try and visualize the space, and you will know what exactly you want.