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Gothic Interior Design

How to Interior Design in the Gothic Style for an Authentic Feel

The Gothic interior design is a subject of research not only for architects but also for anyone interested in buildings and history. The variety of designs and elements included in this form of designing makes it one of the popular styles.
Shashank Nakate
Last Updated: Mar 9, 2018
The Gothic architecture is mostly seen in religious monuments. However, it is also observed in civic building, universities, private residences, etc. Notre Dame De Paris Cathedral in France is one of the famous buildings constructed using this design. Origins of this form of architecture can be traced back to the medieval period. Victorian Era marked the revival of this architectural form.

The most important elements of this decor are fireplaces, pointed arches, wooden ceiling beams, stained glasses, etc. Flooring is hard and materials such as hardwood and stones are used and to cover these hard floor surfaces, rugs with deep colors are used. It gives a castle-like appearance to the interiors.

The History

It was developed in the 12th century and pointed arches were its main features. Later on, in the Victorian period, much more decorations and colors were added. It is said that this style is more inclined towards the darker and mysterious side that includes something dramatic and sensational. Painting the walls in black color is therefore, not considered to be uncommon in this design.

Modern Style

In the modern times, Gothic designs are used to give a dramatic and striking look to the interiors. Colors to be chosen for walls need to have deep hues. The most commonly used colors are ruby red, blue, gold, dark green, and violet. The golden color is added for brightening the appearance. It is interspersed between other colors. The tapestries and wall hangings have an opulent look. Though it is common to paint the wall in black color, the idea needs to be given a second thought before it is applied. This color makes the appearance of the room much smaller and also reveals the tiny bumps and imperfections in the wall. Therefore, more number of paint coats are needed.

Decorating the windows is an important part of this design. Curtains to be used for windows should always be full-sized. Heavy and soft fabrics are recommended; damasks, brocades, and velvets can be used for curtains. Again, the colors used for curtains need to have deep hues.

Wrought iron and hardwood furniture is a special feature of this style. The bed heads and chair backs need to have the typical pointed arch design found in the Gothic style. Wrought iron furniture includes decorative items such as chandelier and sconces used for candles. Accessories needed to give a Gothic look to the interiors include decorative boxes, metal glasses, pitchers (drinking ware), etc. Wall hangings and lamps are also required for a special look.

Designing Ideas
  • The use of pointed arcs over windows is one of the common ideas for this type of design.
  • It is necessary to have large spaces or rooms to incorporate the features without making any compromise with the design. Small spaces may appear overcrowded with various elements of Gothic style stuffed into it.
  • Before using this style in the entire house, one should experiment with it in the entrances. The appearance can be changed completely with the help of Gothic designs.
The main feature of this design is the display of richness in an elegant style. One can also learn more about the style and characteristics of Gothic architecture through the process of designing.
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