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Glow in the Dark Ceiling Stars

Glow in the Dark Ceiling Stars
Glow in the dark ceiling stars are perfect for a kid's bedroom. They are great to look at and will cultivate an interest in space. This article provides more information about what these stars are like and where you can buy them.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Little girl reading a book in bed
Glow in the dark stars are the perfect way to create the magic of an 'enchanted ceiling' similar to that in Harry Potter movies. These little things allow you to imitate the night sky in your very own bedroom. These stars are hugely popular amongst kids. They also make for great presents for kids and adults alike. These are either in the form of stickers or plastic items which are to be stuck to the ceiling. When you turn off the lights, the stars, planets and other heavenly bodies glow. Certain chemicals like zinc sulfide and strontium aluminate are added to the plastic while making these objects. These chemicals are responsible for rendering their characteristic property of glowing in low-light conditions.
Stars for the Ceiling
These stars shine brightly during the first hour and continue to glow throughout the night. They are available in many varieties to match your kids' room decor. You can also have them in several colors. So, you can stick pink stars in your daughter's room and blue ones on your son's ceiling. Besides, you can also choose from several combinations of celestial objects such as stars, planets, phases of the moon, galaxies, star explosions, satellites etc. You can create an accurate impression of the night sky by positioning the stars and planets appropriately or you can just stick them around randomly. Stickers are less messy and take only minutes to stick on your ceiling. Plastic stars are also convenient to stick on the ceiling. You need not paint your ceiling dark or pitch black to bring out the effect of the glow in the dark stars. They shine brightly even against a white ceiling.
Alternatively, you can make your own glow in the dark stars using paper and some fluorescent paint. This is a special type of paint that glows in the dark. Cut out the shapes of stars and planets, and paint them using this special paint. Although the job is tedious and messy, the end result will always leave you satisfied. Ultra green is the most popular fluorescent paint as it shines the brightest compared to the other colors. Ultra blue can be your next best option. However, glow in the dark paints do not come cheap, hence a DIY job can prove to be quite an expensive affair.
Where Can I Buy Them?
Glow in the dark stars are available at any home improvement stores or large retail stores like Walmart. You can also find them at arts and crafts stores. However, instead of buying them from your local store, you should consider shopping for them online. In fact, the Internet is the best place to shop for stars and other space stuff. You can get ample choice and numerous varieties on websites such as Amazon.
These stars can be a great teaching aid for teachers to show the position of various stars and planets. A depiction of a real night sky can invoke kids' interest in the subject. These stars can also be a great relief for kids who are scared of the dark and hesitate to sleep on their own.
Thus, glow in the dark stars are great fun to put on the ceiling as well as to look at. So, go ahead and decorate your child's room with these magnificent objects.