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Ridiculously Simple Tips for Buying Glider Rocking Chair Cushions

Bhakti Satalkar Jun 23, 2019
After a long day at work, there isn't a better alternative than relaxing on a rocking chair. The cushions of these rocking chairs play an important part. Here are some tips to choose the right cushions and their advantages.
Glider rocking chairs are said to be the most comfortable of all. The main difference between the glider type and other rocking chairs lies in their rockers. 
The rockers of the glider type are flat on the floor, and the chair moves backwards and forwards on a base similar to a track. The cushion and the ottoman are the main parts responsible for making this rocker so comfortable. These chairs come in varieties for adults as well as children.
Adirondack glider rockers are all-weather chairs. Hence, they can be used in the garden with other outdoor furniture.

Tips to Choose the Right Cushions

Very often, it has been noticed that most parts of this kind of rocker do not wear out. It is the cushions which need timely re-upholstering. There are rockers which come without the cushions, hence they have to be bought separately. When you decide to get a glider, inquire whether the rocker comes with the cushion. There is a myriad range available.
The next step is to check if the cushions are attached permanently or are detachable. If they are attached, it is best to opt for darker colors. This is to prevent stains from being visible and the chair from looking soiled and dirty.
In the case of the detachable ones, it is a good option to check if the cushions have covers on them or if a provision can be made for the same. Check whether the cover material is machine washable. In case they are not machine washable, you will have to wash them by hand every time they get soiled.
The fabric is also important. Leather or artificial leather is the best to maintain. Cleaning leather is comparatively easier than cleaning cotton or other fabrics.
If you are going to use your rocker in the garden, then choose a fabric which will not fade in the sunlight and is water-resistant. You can also have the fabric color merge with the surroundings of your garden. You can use colors like blue and forest green.
Initially, the cushions can be cleaned at home. But, to increase the life of the rocker, it is suggested to change the cushions eventually.

Advantages of the Right Cushions

The cushions usually subjected to many things like spillage on the chair. Since these cushions are generally made from washable fabrics, the spillage can be washed off easily.
These days, glider rockers are used in many public places, like hotel lobbies, airports, and railway waiting lounges. In such places, the cushions can have multiple uses, such as bench pads, pillows, etc.