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Glass Countertops Pros and Cons: Deduce if They are a Good Choice

Are glass countertops worth the investment? Let us know its pros and cons in order to help you make a decision.
Madhura Pandit
Last Updated: Sep 25, 2017
A countertop is the most important (even vital) part of the kitchen, and you need to put in a lot of thought while installing it. As there are several options available in the market like granite, stone, wood, laminate, glass, quartz, etc., one is sure to get confused. However, knowing about the advantages and disadvantages will make your job easier.
Glass Countertops
Glass is used in modern kitchens due to its attractive and modern appearance. When looking for a perfect countertop, you need to check out the aspects like its durability, maintenance, cost, features, etc.
  • These countertops can be customized according to your preference, choices, type, size, and shape. Due to this ability, you are sure to get a unique and distinct piece.
  • There are different patterns available like clear glass, textured glass, colored glass, etc, in transparent, translucent, and opaque varieties. You can also create a dramatic effect by using lighting.
  • As aforementioned, these countertops are perfect for modern kitchen due to their sleek and elegant appearance.
  • Glass is a non-porous material, and hence, there are no chances of bacteria and mold thriving on it.
  • One of the other advantages is that it is resistant to heat and moisture.
  • While choosing glass countertops, you need to look for the tempered one as it is strong as compared to the other varieties. Thicker the glass, stronger it is.
  • These countertops are easy to clean and maintain. They can be cleaned simply with water or with a mixture of soap and water. It is advised to clean spills and seal scratches immediately to protect the glass.
  • Glass countertops are not as durable as other countertops like natural stone, granite, etc. One needs to be extra careful while handling these countertops.
  • Glass can get spoiled due to acids and acidic substances. Similarly, water prints often tend to remain on the glass surface, making it appear dull after some time.
  • Secondly, as mentioned above, there are high chances of the glass getting scratched or chipped. Therefore, it is not meant for high traffic kitchens. It needs frequent cleaning and maintenance.
  • Lastly, a major factor to consider is the cost. These countertops are fairly expensive as compared to the other available options. Secondly, you will need to put in extra money if you wish to have custom-made countertops of glass.
So make a decision based on your requirements. Once zeroed down on this option, you can search on the Internet or in the market to look for the best piece. With a bit of effort, you are sure to get the best deal. Good luck!