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Glacier Bay Faucets Reviews

Glacier Bay Faucets Reviews

Marketed at an affordable price, Glacier Bay brand promises to give quality faucets that are easy to install and last for a longer period. This article provides an in-depth review of its products.
Ningthoujam Sandhyarani
Last Updated: Sep 25, 2017
Glacier Bay faucets are low-cost custom designed taps, suitable for every bathroom and kitchen decor. Manufactured by the Global Union and marketed by Home Depot, the main motto of this brand is to give high-end quality products to customers, while maintaining an affordable price. Seeing the low price, most people assume that these fixtures would be just another cheap product, which is not so.

Reviews Explained

If you have been planning to re-model your home plumbing system, consider selecting Glacier Bay faucets. According to the current market study, it leads in North America. Thus, you can imagine their popularity amongst homeowners. The following product details will help you make a wise decision for your home improvement project:

These are available in a wide range of colors, design patterns, and styles, thus you can select one that suits your bathroom design. You can get whichever style you are looking for: electronic, wall mounts, waterfall type, and table tops.

Some of the models that receive good customer ratings, are Glacier Bay's traditional (standard, solid, easy to install), double handle (sleek design with curved handles), double handle bar (long-lasting conventional type with a smooth polish), and high arc two handle (decorative model made from brass). These are just a few of the models; visit your local hardware store to check out classic fixtures of your choice.

Installation instructions along with easy-to-understand pictures are provided with the product. If you have basic plumbing skills, you could consider installing them on your own. For any problem, you can contact the customer service for assistance by dialing a toll-free number, mentioned on the packaging box.

The best part about this brand is the availability of the parts and replacement at an affordable price. With constant use, it is quite usual to face this problem. Any homeowner has the option of purchasing these replacement parts and troubleshoot the problems. Simply, purchase the repair kit and follow the instructions mentioned in the kit.

Most of the models have limited lifetime warranty, especially for their finishing and parts. If you have any part that requires repairing, first take a note of the model number. Most probably, you will get the parts at a retail store, or you can directly place an order with the company.

Before you make your final decision, compare the costs with other sleek and lavish models. You will find that these products are less expensive than other brands having the same design. So, take your own time and choose the one you like.