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Ideas for Decorating Girls' Bedroom

Pragya T Dec 14, 2018
Want to create a bedroom space suited for a girl? Try these ideas to decorate and create a cute and colorful looking bedroom...
According to the age and likes of the person who is going to stay in the bedroom, one needs to select appropriate decorating ideas. If you are decorating the room for a girl who is under 10 years, then choose from pretty and cute ideas and use soft shades of pink.
However, if you are looking for teenage girls bedroom, then consider the likes of the person who is going to use the bedroom space. For teenage girls use a theme design they like, and select sober colors with accents of purple and dark pink, and stay away from any soft or baby shades of colors.

Decorating Ideas for Girls Bedroom

Bedroom Color Ideas

The most popular interior painting color choices for decorating a girls bedroom are pink and purple. Soft pink shades give a cute and girlish feeling, and is a good choice for a girl who is below 8 years.
Purple is another good choice and can be combined with white paint color ideas to balance out the color scheme. If you don't want to go with these conventional ideas, then consider fresh color combinations.
Choose fresh color combination like green and white, yellow with little dark pink interior design ideas. If you want to go for a sober, more formal-looking color scheme then try beige color walls, with purple interior designs. You can paint with designs using a brush, rubber stamps, or stencil art to decorate the walls.

Themes to Decorate Bedroom

One can choose from themes like butterflies, flowers, or some funky abstract designs. You can opt for princess themes, and decorative stickers from Disney princess characters.
You can opt for a ballerina theme, and use ballerina furniture, tutu-wall art, adorable lamps, etc. Another great choice is a beach style theme bedroom. Other theme options include superheroes, vehicle themes, fairy themes, cartoon themes, ocean themes, etc.


Select a bed that goes with the theme design of the bedroom. There are variety of options available for bedroom furniture, you can go for bedroom set which includes the bed, side tables, matching closets, dresser, and mirror.
Alternatively, you can opt for individual furniture and match the colors and designs with each other. Try to implement girls bed ideas such as nicely carved bed designs and colors like white or off white for the furniture.
There are different kinds of bed options available, you can select a low platform bed which will allow easy cleaning; or a bed which has storage space inside it. If the bedroom is going to be shared by 2 girls, then select bunk bed designs.

Adding Accents to Decorate

No matter what her age, there are certain things that a girl will always like, so use such elements to decorate the bedroom. Soft toys, paintings, flower vases, flowers, and music are some such ideas.
Place a few soft toys on the bed, a flower vase on a desk with fresh flowers in it, and hang paintings or photographs on the walls. Music is something that everybody likes, so make a space dedicated for music like a rack to store discs, place to keep the stereo, a poster on the wall of the favorite music band.
You can also add different accent items that complement the theme design of the bedroom. Place a lampshade on the bedside lamp with intricate lace work, a bean bag on the floor, a fancy rug, etc.
Use the given ideas and a theme which is liked by the person who is going to stay in the bedroom. You should also decorate with different accents to make the bedroom look even more beautiful. With these simple steps, your endeavor at interior decorating a girls bedroom will surely turn out to be a smashing success.