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Garage Floor Sealer

Vital Factors to Help You Choose the Perfect Garage Floor Sealer

An effective way of making your parking space floor look more attractive, and at a very low cost, is to use a garage floor sealer. This post will give you a brief idea about this type of floor sealer.
Bidisha Mukherjee
Last Updated: Feb 21, 2019
A garage is an extension of your house, and you should maintain it in the same way as you do to all the other parts of your house. Parking space flooring is regularly exposed to elements like dust, dirt, grime, oil, and grease that is mostly carried in by the wheels of your vehicle.
These materials often damage and discolor the flooring, and cleaning such a damaged concrete floor is a tough task. When the floor sealer is applied on the garage flooring, it protects the concrete from any damage and makes the surface smooth. As a result, cleaning the floor becomes easy and damages to the concrete can also be prevented.
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A unique way of adding a personal touch to the garage floor sealant is to mix in it some acrylic paint with an attractive color. This will make the floor look vibrant. Drops of oil and antifreeze often make the parking floor very slippery.
The same can happen if the floor gets wet, and it can be very dangerous. Some garage floor sealers are available with non-slip additives mixed in them. Application of such a type of sealer will give you safety from any accidents caused due to a slippery floor.
How to Choose
There are so many varieties of floor sealers available in the market that it gets difficult to choose the one that is best for you. Some sealers claim to dry up faster, while some are available at a very cheap rate and others are just expensive. Some of these can be used for the walls of the parking space as well.
You should choose the one particularly meant only for garage floors as it will have a better and stronger impact on the floor. Always prefer a reputed brand of floor sealer. If you are not aware of any such brand, then go through the key ingredients and the special features that are mentioned on the label.
The ones that have synthetic epoxy resins are highly recommended as they last for a longer duration and prevent any kind of liquid spills from coming in contact with the concrete below.
Cleaning the Floor
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Floor sealers need to be applied on a thoroughly clean surface. Therefore, the first thing to be done is to clean the flooring meticulously. First, sweep the floor with a stiff broom in order to get rid of all the loose dirt and debris.
You will find some tough stains of oil, grease, and chemicals on the floor that have to be removed before you can use the sealer, or else it will not adhere well to the floor. Use commercial garage floor cleaners for this purpose. Spread the cleaner generously all over the parking lot flooring and allow it to settle there for about an hour.
Take a brush with hard bristles and scrub the floor vigorously, particularly the hard stains and the cracks. Pour another coat of cleaner on the stains that are very stubborn if required. Once the floor is free from all the marks and dirt, wash off thoroughly using a garden hose and allow it to dry up for the next 24 hours.
How to Apply
Put painter's tape on the walls and the door of the garage so that they do not get stained with the sealer. Take small sections of the floor at a time to apply the sealer. Start applying the sealer from the farthest corner of the parking space and finish off near the door.
Every time, lay a thick layer of the sealer and spread it evenly with a long handled roller brush. Make sure that you do not end up making a pool of the sealer on the garage floor. When you have covered the entire floor with the sealer, allow it to dry up completely.
You can speed up the drying process by using a fan. To cure it completely, you have to wait for 3-4 days before you actually start using the parking lot.
A number of harmful chemicals are present in floor sealers, and they often give out toxic fumes, which is why it is advised that you use appropriate protective gear while applying it on the garage flooring. Your clothes should cover up your entire body.
Wear boots, gloves, protective glasses, and facial mask before you begin the task. Keep your parking area well-ventilated so that the harmful fumes get an outlet.