Garage Doors - Sizes

Depending on your needs, garage doors can easily accommodate vehicles of various sizes. Read the DecorDezine article to find out what size doors you'll need, pertaining to your requirements.
DecorDezine Staff
Right from choosing the garage door sizes to remodeling or repairing them, the actual task can be very daunting. Not many of us are aware of what exactly goes into the whole process and most of the time, we end up hiring a contractor to take care of all the home improvement jobs. Now I'm not saying that hiring a professional is a bad thing but when it comes to finding an inexpensive way to change, repair, or replace the door, the option of "do-it-yourself" does sound very appealing. The replacement costs can be so high that it can really put a dent in your wallet. But no matter how expensive the whole project may be, it has to be done. And before you can even reach that part, it is important that you learn about the different garage door sizes (Yes, there are various sizes). So let's not waste any time and get right to it.
What are the Standard Sizes
Doors for residential areas will depend on the size of the car. Whether you have an SUV or a mid-size car, the width and height of the doors will vary. And to keep consumers happy and satisfied (plus increase sales), many manufacturers are making personalized doors as well. This way, no matter what size of your car, you can easily accommodate it in your garage. Of course, the size of the house and the space for the door available also plays an important role. However, if you're just building a new home, you can easily alter the size of the garage to fit the car.
There are almost all manufacturers who have the standard door sizes. However, there are few other manufacturers who cater to special requests for golf cart or RV door sizes. So if you, somehow, couldn't find the right size for your garage, you can perhaps widen the search to those manufacturers that can meet your requirements.
Single Car Doors Double Car Doors Golf Cart Doors
8 x 7 feet 12 x 7 feet 5 x 6 feet
9 x 7 feet 14 x 7 feet 5 x 7 feet
10 x 7 feet 16 x 7 feet 6 x 7 feet
8 x 8 feet 18 x 7 feet 5 x 8 feet
9 x 8 feet 12 x 8 feet 6 x 8 feet
10 x 8 feet 14 x 8 feet ~
~ 16 x 8 feet ~
~ 18 x 8 feet ~

There are some doors which can't go below a certain size because of the local building codes. In that case, you won't be able to get a specific size as per your needs. So check the building codes of where you reside, and then go shop for the doors.
Along with the width and height for the doors, you also need to keep in mind the internal headroom and the reveals should also be measured. The correct measurements will keep enough clear space under the lintel of the ceiling and the width on either sides of the garage where you can stand. Which is why, it is essential you do extensive research on the type of the garage you want along with the size comparison.