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Garage Additions

Garage Additions

A garage addition is a great way of bringing about space management and improving the functionality of a garage. This article lists some ideas and designs, as well as tips on construction.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
If you are a car owner without a garage you must be familiar with the agony of braving the snow on a freezing morning while walking towards your car, only to find the doors frosted with the snow. While you struggle to get inside and turn on the ignition, the sluggish engine simply refuses to cooperate. Sheltering your car becomes a must if you live in regions of extreme weather. Even otherwise, protecting your car from impish teenagers in the neighborhood would be a good idea.


Although the main purpose of a garage would be to house a car, it can also serve a number of other purposes. You can use it for storing various garden tools and equipment such as lawn mowers which occupy substantial storage space in the house. You can also use it as additional living space by building a story on it. The extra space can also be used for housing boats, kids' bicycles, and toys. If you install a work bench inside your garage you would be able to complete your do-it-yourself projects in there. It could also serve as a good place for setting up your home office.


Design would primarily depend on the purpose for which you would be utilizing the space. Even though you might intend to use it only for parking your car, it wouldn't be a great idea to build an unattractive box next to your beautiful house. Irrespective of the purpose of the garage, aesthetic plays a vital role in its design. The size of the garage is the most important factor to be considered while designing. Ideally, you should not extend its size more than two-thirds of the total size of your home. If you have plans for constructing an enormous garage equipped with many utilities, then it is recommended that you construct it behind your house, where it won't be visible. While adding a story to your garage, care must be taken that it ends well below the roof of your home. Before you approach a general contractor, you should be ready with the rough sketches, designs of the plan, as well as some conversion ideas of your own.


If you are an avid 'do-it-yourselfer' with a penchant for construction, then you can consider doing this job yourself. However, make sure you possess the requisite skills for doing this job. You may also approach a general contractor who may finish part of the job for you. Usually, contractors take care of the construction of frames, drywall, roof shingles, insulation, doors, and windows. Thus, you are left with the foundation, slab, electricity, floor sealing, and painting which can be accomplished with the help of a laborer. If you decide to entrust the job to a contractor, get a proper cost estimate from him. Interview a couple of contractors before finalizing the deal.

Garage additions open a plethora of opportunities to utilize the available space. This home addition can take care of all your space-related woes. Do not forget to equip your garage with a cabinet, closet, and other essential furniture for additional comfort and functionality.
Empty concrete garage with beige door
Diagram of a classic colonial house with garage and car
Small cluttered home garage viewed from the driveway