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Fascinatingly Enchanting Gallery Wall Ideas for Your Home

Sheetal Mandora May 10, 2019
Why simply stop at one when you can have your entire wall filled with creative and wonderful pieces of art? Here are some amazing gallery wall ideas for your home.

Start Smart

Don't fill the wall with too many pieces to begin with. It's alright to start small, and let it grow over time. You can increase your collection little by little, and transform the wall.
Call it a photo wall or a gallery wall, it is a great project for your home. You will require a large wall that provides ample amount of space for beautiful framed images. It doesn't necessarily have to match the color scheme of the room; all it requires is your passion and motivation to be developed into something amazing.
So, if you wish to pick this idea as a project, we've got some suggestions that might come in handy. Go through the different styles we've presented next, and see what grabs your attention.

Creative Gallery Wall Ideas

First things first, pick a wall that has enough space for your creativity to shine freely. This wall can be in your bedroom, living room, above the dining table, or the stairway. Basically, you can begin anywhere around your house. And once you're ready to begin, apply any of the ideas we've mentioned here.

Bedroom Gallery Wall

Even though we said that the frames shouldn't always match the color scheme of a room, that doesn't mean we can't take a little inspiration. What we're talking about is using either contrasting or complementing hues for the frame. For example, if your bedroom walls are painted in the shade of yellow, you can use frames in white, black, gold, and tan colors.
On the other hand, let's say that if the walls are purple or blue, think of which colors will enhance the overall ambiance of the room, and of the gallery as well.

Living Room Gallery Wall

We usually entertain guests who come over in our living room. It's a common ground where everyone is invited. A gallery wall above your couch or a side table can be a fun conversation starter. Including extraordinary pieces on the wall can take the room's d├ęcor a notch higher.
The choice of pieces can range from family photos to nature; basically, whatever theme makes you feel at peace is perfect. Go with your own comfort level, and not how others may want you to decorate. This is your home, and at the end of the day, you will be the one staring at the magnificent wall.

Dining Room Gallery Wall

As you can see, a gallery wall doesn't always need to have picture frames. There's a lot for experimenting with unique ideas, and that's where the space above your dining table comes into play. Have you thought about hanging vibrant ceramic plates on your wall? If not, now's the right time.
You purchase them in bulk, or collect individual pieces as and when you find them. On another note, how does a monogram wall sound to you? It certainly has the charm to brighten up any room.

Stairway Gallery Wall

If your home has a staircase, you've got a wonderful space to work your magic. Not many people think of using this space to make a gallery wall. But that's all about to change for you. Whether the area you have to work with is straight or at an angle, you can easily get it done.
Just remember that the picture frames or art pieces that you'll be hanging don't crowd one another. Leave adequate space between two pieces to give the audience a chance to breathe and take it all in. Also, make sure that there's enough light reaching the wall so that your efforts don't get wasted.

Shelf Gallery Wall

If space is an issue for you, there's still one way to incorporate the gallery wall into your home. Use shelves to layer frames, art pieces, and various trinkets to make it work. Depending on what area you've targeted, see how many shelves you can fit without making it too much to handle.
Also, be careful as to not go all the way up till the ceiling, or the entire wall will look bulky and unnecessary.
The best thing about it is that you don't have to worry about the project getting out of your budget. Since you are at liberty to not purchase all the frames at once, you can take your time to really build it as per your liking.