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French Window Treatments

French Window Treatments
Here are some of the most creative French window treatments. Read on to know how to enhance the look of the windows, using some interesting treatment options...
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Dec 06, 2018
Bedroom with French Window
Having a French window gives the room and its inhabitants access to abundant sunlight.
The window can sometimes interfere with the privacy of a person, though. That's why, whatever window treatments you choose, it should balance this need of privacy and the beautiful light which French windows let in the room. They should also enhance the look of the window, thus making the room much more visually appealing than it already is!
winter patterns on window
One of the most creative ideas is to stencil a unique pattern onto the glass. If this idea interests you, go to a craft store and purchase a glass frosting kit, with the help of which you can etch any design of your choice.
The best part about this window treatment is that in case you do not like the design or you want to change it every few months, you can scrap it off with a razor blade and make a new one! Thus, you can enhance the look of your room, every few months, through this inexpensive method.
Sheer Curtains
Interior Of Classic Formal Chair In Window
Sheer curtains add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the room, which is unparalleled. An interesting way to put them up is to install curtain rods, both on the top and at the bottom of the window panels and then hang sheers on them. This way, even if heavy wind is blowing, the curtains would not move to one side.
To enhance the appeal of the curtains, you can tie them in the middle with a satin sash. This you can do in case you want the entire sunlight to enter the room. The hourglass shape that you get by adopting this style, will give a distinctive look to your window and room.
Window with bench
Shades are the most functional amongst all French window treatment ideas. These can be rolled up, when you want the sunlight to enter the room and rolled down, when you want to enjoy your privacy.
Roman shades, which are made from fabrics, will lend the window, a very clean, sophisticated look. If you want to do a bit of experimentation, go in for shades made from metal. Of course, see to it that they match your room décor!
Bedroom Blinds
These days, you will find blinds in all kinds of designs, colors and materials. So, choose one that matches the colors used in your décor. When putting up blinds in a French window, have one installed for each panel, as it will lend it a unique, even look.
You can even opt for slatted blinds. The greatest thing about this style is that it gives you the required privacy, and at the same time, let the natural light in your room. Slatted blinds are available in wood and faux wood.
Then, there are cellular shades, also known as honeycomb shades. Their plus point is that they do not produce any sound when the window is closed or opened. On top of that, their natural, easy appeal is simply mind-blowing!
Lace Panels
Lace Curtains
Want to add romance, femininity and grace to your French windows? Put up lace panels on them.
You will find some amazing designs on these lace panels and if you put only one layer, the design will be visible very clearly and thus, add to the decorative value of your room. However, if you want privacy or protect your furniture from sunlight, add a number of layers of lace panels to the French window.
Window Films
An interesting alternative to curtains or blinds is to put up translucent window film on the glass. Window films in various shades and designs are available, which can greatly enhance the look of the French window and offer you the required privacy. If the room is not so big, then window films are the best option as they do not encroach the room space.
As you can see, there are so many innovative ways in which you can add beauty to your French windows. Thus, with the right selection of window treatments, you can even make the French windows, focal point of your room i.e. the first thing that people notice when they enter the room!