French Country Style Furniture

Mayuri Baruah Nov 28, 2018
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Home decoration is incomplete without beautiful furniture. French country style furniture can give a classic appearance to your house.
French style furniture was traditionally used for a purpose, and not as a mere decoration. It originated from southern France, in a place called Provence. This style can be used to decorate your house with tasteful simplicity.
This type of furniture is essentially made without any adornments, using natural components, such as various types of wood and stone. Mostly, the painted furniture pieces are designed in natural colors, such as honey-brown, natural pine, light green, and white. Subtle pattern detailing adds an element of exquisiteness to the furniture.
Normally, it comprises wrought iron doors, carved motifs, curved chair backs, and beautiful cabinet lines. The carvings and patterns are detailed with wheat, flowers, and fruits that heighten the ambiance, and reflects the countryside spirit.
Keeping its roots in mind, modern French country style furniture has limited adornments, and uses natural colored paints.

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The table is the most essential part of a French country kitchen. In the olden days, farm workers would dine together in this house area. To accommodate these workers, the table used to be large enough to accommodate at least six to twelve people together.
The furniture includes dining tables that are mostly simple in design. The top plank and the legs of the table are usually made of thick pine wood; while the platform base is left unadorned. Chairs are ordinarily made of wood, with caned seats. Cushions with provencial prints may be added as a finishing touch to the chairs.
To accommodate more number of people, the tables may come along with benches. These are used as a part of the seating arrangement, along with the chairs. To give a modern touch, you can include a carved and wooden cabinet, to hold your silverware, chinaware, or linen.
However, in the olden days, the furniture did not include such accessories. To help bring food to the table, a wooden cart with wheels would serve the purpose for a modern kitchen. It can blend well with the country theme of the kitchen decor, and can also serve as a sideboard.


A bedroom generally has a tough bed with posts at the four corners. An armoire mostly made of pine wood, used as a closet, is part of this style. Modern-day homes can use it to keep a TV or a small fold-away computer station or beautiful linens and towels.


Minimal upholstery is used on sofas, chairs, and large benches with carved wooden frames and legs. The seats, arms, and backs are beautifully upholstered with pale purple, goldenrod, deep rust, and purplish blue fabric representing the sun, sea, and flowers.
French style antique furniture is found both in the US and Europe at auctions and estate sales. Modern pieces of the furniture may lack the historical effect and lovely appeal of the older ones, but the harmonious quality still remains. This furniture is crafted, both for durability and style.
Nowadays, there are skilled craftsmen who use solid hardwood to ensure that the beauty of the furniture is retained. If you wish to add the mentioned styling and furnishing to your bedroom, living room, or kitchen, you will find comfortable and affordable pieces in most stores.
However, sufficient care should be taken, while adding a new piece of furniture. Make sure that it complements the overall style, and maintains the archaic elegance.
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