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Freestanding Room Dividers

Freestanding Room Dividers
Many times, you are faced with a situation when there is too much space in a room. What is the best way to optimally divide the space? Using freestanding room dividers in such a case can be a great way of solving your problem.
Tulika Nair
Who does not like a lot of space in their house? Especially, in a day and age where in large houses are becoming increasingly fewer in number. But, sometimes large rooms can actually eat up into space that you can use. It can be imperative at times to use the large floor space that you have for other more useful purposes. But how do you divide a room in such a manner that it remains aesthetically pleasing, but at the same time, allows you more use from one single space? The answer lies in the form of room dividers that can help you create isolated parts in a single room. Creating a visual barrier in an existing room can also help create an illusion of more room in the house. In this article, we tell you how and why you should use these dividers and what are the different types of dividers available for your use.
Using a Freestanding Room Divider
Not many people understand the reason that room dividers are used. During earlier times, room dividers were often used as changing areas in bedrooms. Today of course, the same dividers are used for a variety of different uses. Not only are room dividers perfect for creating more usable space in a room, but they can also be aesthetically very pleasing. Let us take a look at some of the different uses you can put a room divider to.
  • Very obviously one of the most important uses of a room divider is to create a section in a larger space. Using a portable room divider you can create a dining area in your living room, or even a reading area in your bedroom. It is just a matter of positioning the room divider in the right manner.
  • Another good use that you can put a freestanding room divider is to hide the extra furniture cluttering up your room. It can be a great way of hiding the pile of clothes lying in the corner or the mess that your toddler has made with his toys, especially when you have unexpected guests.
  • Go back to the good old days and use room dividers as changing areas in your bedroom. You could actually create a semi walk-in wardrobe area with a room divider.
  • A great use for a room divider is to use it to create a decorative element in the room. Using a portable room divider to add a visual focal point to a room can be a great way to add to aesthetics of the room. Ensure that with such a room divider the design is dramatic. Use stained glass dividers or dividers with mirrors inlaid.
Types of Room Dividers that are Freestanding
Now that you know to what use you can put room dividers, let us take a look at the different room dividers that you can use. One of the most popular forms of dividers of the freestanding variety are paneled room dividers. These tend to have hinges and three or six panels are attached to each other with the help of these hinges which can be folded if need be. Such room dividers are generally made of canvas fabric making them easily portable. Different designs are available in this variety of room dividers.
Another option for a room divider is a bamboo room divider. These room dividers are not only functional but are also extremely pleasant additions to any room, especially one that is decorated in an Oriental manner. These dividers are durable and lightweight making them easy to shift around. You can also opt for a metallic room divider if your house is decorated in a predominantly modern manner. You can opt for the more rustic and vintage wrought iron designs if your house is more traditional in its decor style.
Another idea for room dividers that you can use is to create a freestanding room divider out of a book shelf. You can get this divider custom-made. Ensure that the book shelf has wheels so that it can be pushed around easily if need be. A freestanding room divider can be easily bought at most furniture showrooms. But, it is also possible for you to create one for yourself according to your design sensibilities. All you need is a good carpenter or a handyman who will be able to do the needful. With a room divider that is freestanding, you have the liberty to redecorate your room in myriad ways whenever you want.
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