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Footstool Plans

Footstool Plans

A footstool has diverse uses and is easy-to-make as well. The following article provides you with a simple method to build it in the design of your choice.
Dhanashree Patane
Footstool Plans
When you come home from a tiring day of work, nothing beats the feeling of sinking into the couch or a chair. A footstool provides you with the comfort and space to stretch your legs and relax. This small piece of furniture can be designed for multiple uses.

It can be used for sitting and can also help you to access the high cabinets and other spaces in the house. Children can stand on it for various purposes like, brushing their teeth or combing their hair, alleviating the trouble of peeping in the mirror with raised toes. It can be used in your backyard as a handy stool to stack things like newspapers and magazines, or even for placing a cup of coffee or pitcher of tea.

A footstool can be easily built in various designs using different types of wood. For those who love wood designing, building one by yourself will be easy and fun. Take a look at the following plan.

While making any kind of furniture, it is advisable that you have some knowledge about using the tools and a little insight of basic designing.

Material Required
  • Soft wood boards, one piece of dimension 1"× 8"×24", another of 1"×4"×10".
  • Flathead wood screws, 8 nos.
  • Sandpaper.
  • Varnish and Satin, for finishing.
  • Pencil, ruler, driller, coping or jigsaw, handsaw, screwdriver, and paintbrush.
  1. Take the piece of softwood measuring 1"× 8"×24" to make the top of the footstool. Cut a piece of 11¾" length from it.
  2. Cut two pieces of 5¾" each, from the remaining piece of softwood. This will be used for the legs.
  3. Now, trim the piece with dimension 1"×4"×10" down to 9¼", which will be used for the stretcher.
  4. Using a pencil, make a mark at exactly half the distance between each leg. These marks will be the positions for the screws on the legs.
  5. Make marks for the leg measurements as per the design you want for the footstool leg. The leg design can be simple with angular cuts as well.
  6. In the same way, make marks for the stretcher.
  7. With a coping saw or jigsaw, cut the stretcher and the legs for the footstool.
  8. Drill holes where you have made the marks for the screws on the legs. Through these holes, make marks on the stretcher for the screws to be drilled from the legs to the stretcher. Make sure that the holes are in the center of the stretcher width, so that the wood does not crack while drilling.
  9. Now, attach the stretcher and the legs with screws.
  10. Make four points on the footstool top for fixing the legs. Drill on the marks and use screws to attach the legs firmly to the top.
  11. Use sandpaper on the surface to finish the texture.
  12. Give a smooth finish with the satin and varnish.
You can also use different kinds of paints as per your liking. Using furniture glue along with the flat screws and nails can give a better fix and strength to the footstool. An upholstered footstool is also a creative article in which you can use fabric and sponge for the top. Also, for the legs, different items like those from scrap can be modified and used.
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