Different Types of Floor Tiles

Aastha Dogra Dec 18, 2018
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Ceramic, granite, glass, or vinyl - which of the floor tiles types to opt for? If you are confused about the tile terminology, read on for some useful information on the different types and their characteristics.
If you have ever been to the market to select tiles for your house, you must have seen that there are a plethora of choices available. It can get very confusing for a person who does not know a thing about the different types, to choose any one of them.
So, to make the task easier, here is some useful information on the numerous flooring options that are available in the market today.


Porcelain tiles which are made by using the dust pressed method, are extremely hard. They are available in the market in three varieties, i.e., glazed, unglazed, and with a matte finish.
Porcelain tiles are very strong and durable. They are stain and moisture resistant, and hence, are a popular choice for outdoors, kitchen counter-tops, wall coverings, and bathrooms.


These are another type of ceramic tile flooring, which come with a glass-type coating. This coating makes them very easy to clean and waterproof at the same time. The thickness is approximately three-fourth of an inch. They can be used for all types of flooring.


Mosaic tiles are ideal for those looking for a variety in shape and size. They are available in the market in the regular square, round, and hexagon shapes and are one of the popular bathroom options, both in households as well as commercial establishments.
Since they are available in small sizes, it is easier for the water to flow into the drain easily through them. Another reason behind them being used to form shower floors is the huge number of grout joints between these tiles, which make them slip resistant.


Vinyl tiles are available in a number of colors and patterns. They are manufactured in such a way that they can very easily resemble anything, right from wood to porcelain.
There are three types available in the market today, namely, solid vinyl, which are made from homogeneous vinyl, inlaid vinyl made from inlaid vinyl, and vinyl composition tiles made from composite vinyl. The best thing about vinyl flooring is that these tiles are very easy to install and repair. Compared to other options, they are pretty inexpensive too.


One of the most popular among the different kitchen tiles, granite is durable and is resistant to stains caused by coffee, soda, or other foods spills. This makes them an ideal choice for kitchen counter tops as well.


These are produced by mixing together granite chips with polyester resin and Portland cement. Usually their thickness is anywhere between 6 mm to 20 mm, but they can be ordered in other dimensions as well.


Quarry tiles are made from shale or from simple clay. They are highly durable and are available in a number of shapes and sizes such as square, brick-like and even in irregular shapes. They are generally frost proof making them an ideal choice for outdoors.


Terracotta tiles are made from clay. Their color varies from orange to brown to many other shades depending upon the chemical composition of the clay they are made from. These are a popular choice for kitchen flooring.

Recycled Glass

Recycled glass types are made from the glass that is discarded by various industries and households. Since these are made from recycled material, they are becoming very popular among environmentally conscious people. These tiles come in a variety of colors and designs.
Although, many people these days are opting for hardwood flooring, still the kind of variety in size, shape, design, and color, which the different tiles offer is unmatchable. They are not only functional, they lend an incomparable aesthetic value to the house as well, making them the ideal choice for flooring.
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