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Floor Tile Designs

Floor Tile Designs
Choosing the right floor tile designs is a task that needs to be done carefully. Flooring is the prime element of your rooms which can enhance or ruin the appearance of the entire space. Here is an information about some design ideas for the flooor tiles.
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Last Updated: Aug 10, 2018
Floor tiles make a huge difference in the appearance of your house, and some good-looking tiles can give a classic touch to the interiors. Well-coordinated walls and furnishings gracing the classy flooring will complete the perfect looking interiors. Apart from this, while remodeling your house, choosing the right flooring is of prime importance.
Tile Flooring Samples
There are various types of tiles and each of these come in a number of designs. With the best patterns, you can create an attractive design for the flooring. If you are searching for designs to grace your flooring, here are few ideas that you can go through.
Ceramic Tiles
tiled floor
Adding the perfect tiles to your house is easy with ceramic tile flooring. Apart from the regular small ceramic tiles, you can now find a number of larger sizes and designs in these. 
Ceramics are a staple of many house builders, as they form the perfect base for interiors. Be it a simple or a stylish look, you can achieve both with these tiles. With the help of plain tiles in numerous colors, you can have a simple, yet elegant-looking flooring. 
Adding decorative borders or tile centerpieces with tiles having floral prints or bird prints can add a unique touch to your house. Abstract prints and geometrical designs are also quite popular. One of the best designs for kitchens is the one with fruit and vegetable basket. Basically, a set of tiles are together used to make this entire design pattern.
Marble Tiles
closeup of marble floor and tile patterns
If giving a grand touch to the area is something you desire, marble tiles are the thing to opt for. With a number of colors available in these, you can create an amazing design patterns. 
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Installing tiles in the entire room, with contrasting border of small tiles is a good idea. You can have one of the most beautiful designs with a set of colored small marble tiles installed creatively. Also, center of the room can have a grand design pattern.
En Suit Bathroom
Apart from marble, natural stone tiles like granite and slate also make for some of the best flooring. Shower tiles designs can have slate or limestone flooring with underfloor heating system, as these get really cold at times. The designs done using marble tiles is a classy choice and gives an unmatched look.
Vinyl Tiles
Colorful Master Bedroom
Vinyl flooring tiles are a good option, as there are a number of designs and colors available in these. These are highly durable and easy to install, which makes it a favorite of many.
Luxury Light Interior Of Sitting Room
These are available in hard wood or natural stone finish, hence, they are a cheaper alternative for marble, granite, or wood flooring. These perfectly imitate the expensive tiles and come with detailing, so as to give a classic look to the entire area.
Tower Luxury Residential Apartments
Apart from these designs, you can also get those suitable for adding defined borders to a room having plain tiles. Checker pattern for the flooring with contrast color vinyl tiles is much more popular. A mix of plain tiles and geometrical vinyl designs for bathrooms is sure to look good.
Apart from these tiles, you can also pick mosaic designs and patterns. Linoleum flooring tiles, which come in beautiful designs are also quite popular.
Yellow brown, tiled floor
One of the cheaper ideas is to have a mix of two different materials, one for covering a major area and another for border and decorations in between.
Make sure you don't pick the dark and jazzy colors as these will darken the area and make your room appear smaller. A light colored tile with simple design is sure to make your room look spacious.