Floor Painting Designs You’d Adore

Puja Lalwani Dec 21, 2018
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When you choose to paint your floor, the entire room is your canvas on which you can express yourself through various designs. Use the ideas mentioned here as an inspiration to come up with a unique flooring pattern for your room.
Floor painting is now a preferred choice by home owners and interior decorators. It not only provides for a wider range of choices in designs, but is relatively inexpensive, looks rich, and increases the aesthetic value of a room. Painting different designs on the floor can be done over a weekend by yourself. You don't need an expert and pay him separately.
Concrete and wood flooring (hardwood or laminate) can be easily painted using some simple techniques. After the painting project, traffic should be completely avoided in the area for at least 2-3 days. It is difficult, but, a few days of inconvenience can give beautiful outcome of your efforts.

Floor Painting Patterns

You can think of so many ideas while painting your floor. Some designs may look good initially but can get overbearing over time. So, think and plan well before you paint. Before selecting the design, consider the kind of room you are painting (living room, kid's room, master bedroom, garage, etc.), the theme of the room, and the traffic in that area.

Stenciled Designs

Ready-made stencils are available in the market, that allow you to paint clear, crisp designs on your floor. You may use petite designs to make a border around the room, and leave the rest of the room as it is. It will make the room stand out.
If you cannot find the kind of motif you are looking for, you may always trace the design on a piece of cardboard and cut it out to use it as a stencil. You could draw inspiration from a pattern on your drapes, something on your clothes, a design on your chairs, rugs, upholstery, etc. Stencil designs look stunning on living or dining room floors.

Tiled Patterns

Among the tiled patterns, it is the checkered flooring pattern that is extremely popular for concrete and wooden floors. The joints of a wooden flooring, when painted over with a checkered pattern, look extremely beautiful and rustic.
When using this tile pattern over hardwood flooring it isn't necessary to use two colors. You may use just one color and leave the other one as a patch of wooden flooring itself. If you have light wooden flooring, you may try a darker brown shade with it, and if you have slightly darker wooden flooring, then you may try black color. 
For a modern look, try squares of different sizes in different colors. This pattern would look great in a kid's room, or a den. Finally, recreate an actual tiled floor with the use of concrete floor paint, but only with thicker joints. This means base color could be white, and the joints could be any color. Use this in the kitchen to bring out creativity.

Faux Finishes

The array of faux finishes are numerous. From marble to wooden finishes, to a rustic stone finish, get your floor to look exactly the way you want. The marble could be used for the living room, wood for master bedroom, and a beautiful stone finish could be given to garage.
For your porch, you could use a rich red brick finish, against which all your outdoor furniture will stand out. Even mosaic flooring can be recreated but that is a lot of hard work.

Some More Ideas

  • Paint an intricate motif in your foyer, or the center of your living room, and make it the focal point of the room. The rest of the floor will be a solid, lighter color. Another idea is painting a rug on to the floor.This means retracing the rug pattern and painting it to look like a real one. This may be used for the living room, or before the fireplace.
  • Kids' rooms can be done up in a variety of manners. You may try a jigsaw puzzle pattern, with each piece painted in a different color, for your little one's room. If your kid is a sport enthusiast, for instance, soccer, you can paint the floor like a soccer field. By following a particular theme, a lot of such ideas can be generated.
  • Abstract designs are always popular for concrete floors, for those who do not like defined patterns and objects. Sponge painting technique can also be used for the basement floor. It is easy to apply to your flooring, and with the use of two colors (such as black and gray), your entire floor can look well-textured and rich.
  • The graphic nature of art can also find its place on flooring. The use of bright colors, patterns, and styles can help you achieve a thoroughly modern look in a space such as a den, or in your office (particularly if you are in a creative field).
If you are using rich patterns, colors, and textures, ensure that the design of the rest of the room does not clash with it. You can't have a graphic wallpaper, graphic floor paint in the same room, else you won't be able to live with it.
Keep the remaining furniture subtle, in lighter shades, perhaps with an accent of a particular color running through the room. For instance, if the predominant color in the floor is red, you could have white or pine furniture, with red accessories in the room, such as a red cushion, a red lamp, or a painting with the color red in it.
On the other hand, if your room is already full of vibrant prints, keep the floor painting designs and colors subtle and light. It is natural to get carried away in this project, but always keep the bigger picture in mind in any interior designing project, so that you can strike a balance, and achieve the perfect, complete look for your room.