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Floor Mats for Concrete Floors

Floor Mats for Concrete Floors

Planning to install mats in your house over the concrete flooring? If yes, the following article, which brings forth the advantages of having such floor mats in the house as well as the types of floor mats available in the market, will certainly be very helpful to you...
Aastha Dogra
Installing floor mats on the garage floors, has been a very popular trend for the past couple of years. If you thought that floor mats were only installed to add beauty to the interiors, perhaps you are unaware of the various advantages of having them in your house; not only in the garage, but in various other places, like your bathroom, porch, laundry room, etc. The following DecorDezine article throws light on the same. Have a look...

Concrete Protector Mats

The Advantages...
  • If some portion of the concrete flooring in your house is stained, cracked or spoiled for any other reason, you will find concrete flooring mats to be very useful. The best part about these mats is that they are so easy to install, that you can do it yourself! Cleaning and maintaining them is very easy too. Moreover, they are your best bet to hide any kind of imperfections in your concrete flooring.
  • For those of you who are planning to get them installed in their garage, it has some added benefits, such as it keeps water, dirt and other debris out of the garage flooring. This means that when people walk from your garage, to your house, they won't carry along the dirt, as what usually is the case with concrete flooring!
  • Two other advantages of floor mats for concrete floors are - reduction in the noise levels as well as thermal insulation. Many of these mats come with these two features and thus, are perfect for installing in your garage!
  • For those of you who want their concrete flooring to last for years, having them covered with these mats, is a good way to protect it. So, in a way, these mats add on to the value of your house!
  • These days, roll-out flooring mats are being extensively used by homeowners in bathrooms, laundry rooms, balconies, pool decks and other places of the house which receive a lot of traffic. These mats provide cushioned comfort for walking, reduce the probability of slips and protect the concrete flooring, all at once!
  • Any talk of floor mats, without mentioning the heat floor mats, which are installed underneath the actual flooring of concrete, is incomplete. These floor mats can be installed in any area of the house, that you wish to keep warm, be it the bedroom, living room or the bathroom. They keep the room as well as the floor warm and thus, a person sitting inside the room or walking on the floor barefoot, does not feel cold, even in the midst of the winter season.
The Variety in Styles...

The garage floor mats that are available in the market, offer you a lot of variety in terms of colors, styles and patterns. The material used to make them, which also increases their durability is poly-vinyl. Usually, floor mats which are used in the garage, are available in colors like black, blue, green, red, tan and gray. Clear mats i.e. without any color are available too, for those who have a colored concrete flooring and want it to be visible through the mat! So, you can choose any of these depending upon your choice and requirement.

As for the pattern, you have diamond, coin, ribbed, rugged, Levant and chess shapes available. Any of these decorative car floor mats can be used on the concrete flooring of your garage, and it will surely lift up its interiors!

Installing floor mats have many advantages. On top of that, they can make the home interiors look appealing and feel much more comfortable! With so many benefits, getting them installed in your garage or your bathroom or any other place in the house, where their benefits and beauty can be enjoyed, is an excellent idea!