Floating Shelf Brackets

To support floating shelves, floating shelf brackets are required. Here we are going to discuss how they are designed to hold the weight of the shelves.
Rimlee Bhuyan Jan 2, 2019
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Installing shelves is an important component of any home decoration project. Shelves are not only used as storage solutions in the kitchen and bedrooms, but they are also used as decorative elements in the living room.
While a chest of drawers or cabinets is useful for storing all your necessary items, shelves are invaluable for displaying art work and other knickknacks. While there are lots of fancy shelf brackets available in the market, floating shelf brackets are the most in vogue.
Floating shelves are shelves that appear to float against the wall to which they are attached. They give a very sleek and modern look to your home and are a great interior decoration tool.

Floating Wall Shelf Brackets

The charm of floating wall shelves is that the brackets are concealed from your view. This gives the shelves an appearance of floating against the wall.
You can choose from wood to glass shelves for your home. While choosing such shelves, you need to make sure that the materials used are light and compact and the brackets are strong and durable.
They are installed by drilling holes or symmetrical channels on one side of the shelves. The brackets are then mounted and installed on the wall with the help of screws fixed on the bottom of the shelf. In this way, no part of the bracket is seen outside and the shelf has a neat and minimalistic look.
Before installing the brackets, you need to make sure that there are no hidden wires or pipes inside the wall. Generally two bracket designs are used for installing such shelves. The most popular design consists of two angled bars that are made of either metal or wood.
One bar is attached to the back portion of the shelf, while the other is attached to the wall with small screws. The bars are then slid against one another so that they fit perfectly and the shelf appears to float against the wall.
Another popular design consists of two brackets drilled into the wall. These brackets are parallel to the floor. Two holes are drilled on the back of the shelf and the shelf is inserted into the brackets. Of course, precise measurement and proper selection of shelf material is essential if you want your hanging shelves to last for a long time.
If you want to know how to make these brackets, then the process is quite time-consuming and tough. It is best to purchase such brackets from home improvement stores.
Floating shelves are a great home decor idea, and you should choose brackets that are durable and can withstand the weight of both the shelf material and items placed on the shelf. Of course, it is assumed that you have inspected the wall carefully and have ascertained that it will hold the load on it.
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