Flat-panel Television Stands

Bhakti Satalkar Oct 30, 2018
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When you purchase a flat-screen television set, what you need immediately is a TV stand or mount. There are many types of flat-panel television stands, which have flooded the market, and this gives you a chance to choose from a varied range.
TV mounts are in vogue, as they save floor space, and using the TV is more convenient due to this placement. They are available in either black or silver shades. The black ones are available in either powder-coated or painted variety.
Heavy-duty steel is used to manufacture them. It is suggested that you use VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association)-compliant flat-screen TV wall mounts, as most of the TV manufacturing companies prepare VESA-compliant TV sets. VESA compliant means that they follow a certain standardized hole pattern at the back of the TV panel.

Bracket types

The bracket type decides the movement ability. They are classified as:

Flat Wall
: Alternately called as low-profile mount, is the cheapest of all. The TV cannot be moved once fixed. It looks like a wall frame when the TV is fixed on it. Dismantle the TV from the wall in case of problems with the cables or if you want to plug a new cable at the rear of the TV.
Tilting: With this, you can adjust the vertical angle of the TV, although the angle can be adjusted just 15° - 25° at the maximum. This is possible because of the swivel at the center of the bracket. You can use the angle adjustment when you are lying on the floor and don't want to stretch your neck. It does cost more but can be fixed with equal ease.
Full-motion: Also called the articulating type, is the costliest of all and the most difficult to install. You can tilt, rotate, or swivel the TV as you like. As motion of any kind is possible, the TV does not remain stuck to the wall.
Ceiling: Many of these come with a tilt and swivel facility. They are available for TV sizes ranging from 10 - 70 inches.

Flat-panel TV Mounting Poles: These poles are used when installation is not possible on the wall or on the ceiling. They are available in single or multiple display options. Their weight-bearing capacity differs from model to model.
It is difficult to pick the best from the mentioned list. The choice depends on the need of the buyer and the television model.


There are certain TV models which cannot be framed on the wall. For such TV models, it is always good to buy the flat-panel television stand. These models usually belong to the early era of television sets.

Tips for installation

  • Read the user manual of the television set carefully to find if any specific types of brackets are compatible with your TV model.
  • If the manual talks about VESA compliance and has a number written after it, it simply indicates the number of holes required for wall mounting. The details are generally mentioned in the manual itself.
  • If you are not sure about fixing it all by yourself, it is best to seek professional help for the same.
  • It is important to check the compatibility of the bracket and the TV set. If you place a TV larger than the capacity of the bracket, there is always a possibility of the television set losing its balance and falling off.
  • When you are deciding upon a place for the TV set, always anticipate the directions in which you will move the TV. In case of no room for movement, you will not be able to move it at all.
  • If the cables running from and to the TV set are giving your living room a shabby look, you can get the cables installed in casing or wiring sets.

How high should you hang a flat-screen TV?

Answering this question is tricky. It will largely depend on the height of the room and the height at which you will be regularly seated; more important of the two being, the height from which you will normally view the TV. The ideal height is your head level when you are seated. You should hang it at a height where you will not strain your neck.
Flat-panel television stands add an aesthetic feel to the living room. So, make sure you buy the right one which goes with the wall paint, curtains and lighting arrangement in the room.
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