Exotic Fish Centerpieces

Priya Johnson Nov 18, 2018
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Fish centerpieces are great, because they add color and vibrancy to the wedding reception ambiance. They entertain kids and adults alike at the wedding and make the wedding day memorable for all those attending, as well as the wedding couple.
With the passage of time, oodles of new ideas are being incorporated into weddings. While some may be completely weird and absurd, some seem to be quite intriguing. The whole desire is to present something creative and appealing that makes the wedding truly memorable.
One such innovative idea is the new touch to wedding centerpieces. Several couples are interested in having something moving in their centerpieces. They find fish bowl centerpieces really cute, giving the guests an opportunity to enjoy watching the little fish swimming.
Fish centerpieces are gaining popularity in weddings these days. Moreover, don't be under the misconception that only those keeping beach wedding themes can opt for these centerpieces. They fit into all kinds of wedding themes.

Fish Centerpieces for Weddings

Type of Fish

Goldfish and betta fishes are most commonly used for fish bowl centerpieces. However, betta fish are more popular, since they come in an array of colors.
This way if you have blue as your wedding theme color, you could get blue betta fish and have them set on the tables. They will surely complement the wedding theme very well. Betta fish also come in red, green, orange and several other colors.


You need simple glass bowls, into which you need to add some sand, pebbles or colorful glass marbles and some water.
There are several aquarium fillers available, that one can use to decorate the fish bowl. Peace lilies and other such floating plants can also be placed in the bowl.

Fish Food

Often children get really bored at the wedding reception. It's a good idea to place a packet of fish food on each table, such that the kids can keep themselves occupied.
Place fish feeding instructions on each table to avoid overfeeding. This interactive wedding centerpiece will truly keep children entertained.

Disadvantages of Fish Centerpieces

Overfeeding the Fish

Keeping the children entertained during your wedding reception is a good idea. However, is it worth it if it's at the expense of the fish's health. Often children in their excitement tend to overfeed the fish.


Having fish centerpieces may be unique and innovative, however, it does involve quite a bit of nuisance. A wedding means scores of last minute preparations to be done. No matter how organized the wedding is; small, last minute issues do come up that need to be dealt with immediately.
In this hectic schedule, if you add fish centerpieces, then, it makes things even more hectic. Somebody needs to check if the fish bowls have been placed properly on the tables, with necessary instructions on each table.
One also needs to be prepared for mishaps that can happen. For example, children may accidentally topple the fish bowl, endangering the life of the fish, as well as causing havoc and mess at the reception.

Future Fish Care

The fish bought for the centerpieces have to be given away after the wedding to different people. While giving away is not such a big deal, make sure the person you give them away to will take good care of the fish.
However, not all are interested in keeping fish at home and taking care of them. Thus, this is a matter of concern. Moreover, when you give them away, make sure you give an instructions manual as well.
Instead of purchasing betta fish and giving them away as wedding favors, it is better to rent them. This way one can enjoy the feeling of having unique centerpieces, at the same time not have the guilt of giving them away to irresponsible owners.
Moreover, if you are ready to handle any unexpected spillage or chaos at the wedding, fish centerpieces are good ideas. They do add a fresh touch to the wedding and make it memorable for all attending it.
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