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Fireplace Mantels

Marlene Alphonse Dec 21, 2019
Drab fireplace mantels can be transformed into stunning ones with the use of some decorating ideas. Here we will see some fireplace mantel plans, along with the ideas for beautifying them...
A fireplace is the main focal point in any living room. Though mainly used for providing warmth during the cold winter months, the fireplace can also be transformed as a decorative piece, to add style to a room. Fireplace mantels are ideal to experiment your creative skills, and to transform it into a decorative jewel in the living room or any other room.
While you decorate the mantel, make sure you don't overtly do it or else it will look cluttered. Leaving it bare, will aid an incomplete look to the room. Either way, the mantel will look unattractive. Choose subtle yet stunning fireplace mantel designs that will make a huge difference and add a look of glamor to the room.

Fireplace Mantel Decorating Ideas

You can decide on the fireplace mantel plans and designs according to the placement of the fireplace in a room. Depending on the room, plan the designs and decorating ideas for the mantel.
It should be decorated in such a way that it compliments the soothing effect, rather than contradicting the notion of a fireplace. Use these fireplace mantel decorating ideas for a different look of this visual centerpiece.

A Touch of Nature

You can decorate fireplace mantels according to the season, as they can be changed easily. This will also match the outside atmosphere. Different seasons bring a variety of flowers and other shrubbery.
Fresh flowers, combined with branches with green leaves will make it look natural. Lilies, daffodils and other seasonal flowers will help add a touch of elegance to the fireplace. The same can be applied for summer as well, decorating the mantel with roses, tulips etc. A single stem would also make a lovely decorative piece.
For the autumn, you can have fall leaves strung together as a garland and hanging from the mantel corners. You can also attach pine cones in the mantel alternatively. For festivals like Christmas and Halloween, you can decorate the mantel accordingly.


Another excellent fireplace mantel idea is to decorate the mantel in white.
Flowers, candles and any other paraphernalia, you wish to place on the mantel should be white. You can also choose fresh or silk flowers, placed in vases decorated with silk ribbons. The candle stands can also be adorned with white satin ribbons. Everything in white will give the fireplace mantel an immaculate look.


Making the mantel a piece of memory is also adapted in many households. You can place photos kept in attractive frames on the mantel. Sliver frames will be an ideal way to display frozen, sweet memories.
A family photo/photos taken on different occasions, your kids' photos, etc., can make a beautiful display piece. You can either arrange them on the mantel or even cluster them at one end. On the other end, you can have flower vases or candles of different colors and shapes to balance it out.

Simple Yet Stunning

If you just want to make it simple, then a single sculpture or a flower vase can adorn the mantel. An abstract painting will also look good, if placed solitary.
Another idea for a simple but attractive mantel can be keeping colored stones in a glass bowl, or keeping black rocks in a single file as a mantel decorative piece. You can also place small houseplants, like lucky bamboo on the fireplace mantel.


Did you know mirrors also make excellent decorative pieces? A mirror grouped with a beautiful floral arrangement (either fresh or pressed flowers) is one easy but attractive way of decorating the top of a fireplace.
Placing things like terracotta pots, vintage mirrors or other motifs in a symmetry is also a creative way of transforming a drab hearth into a masterpiece. Just be more creative and come up with some really unique ways for fabulous mantel displays.
These were some ideas for beautifying fireplace mantels and surrounds. Be it a simple monochromatic style, Victorian style, or even a contemporary style, the way you decorate the fireplace mantel will add to the cohesive style of the interiors.