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Trendy Fireplace Mantel Decorating Ideas

Rutuja Jathar Oct 21, 2018
A well decorated fireplace mantel can bring a huge difference to the look of the fireplace. You can use simple tricks to give the fireplace mantel a brand new look.
A beautiful fireplace is simply attractive and acts as an add-on to home decor. Fireplaces never lose their charm even in the long run. A fireplace mantel can be decorated in numerous ways. It is natural for people to arrange the furniture in their living rooms according to the position of the fireplace.
Hence, fireplace mantels become the display window to highlight household treasures. However, overuse of decorative items can ruin its beauty.

Ideas to Decorate a Fireplace Mantel

Decorating a fireplace mantel can make the living room look more beautiful and appealing. You can decorate your fireplace mantel symmetrically as well as asymmetrically. Here are some ideas you can experiment with.
You can place a stylish mirror on the fireplace that will illuminate the living room and will also add a subtle depth to it. Find the perfect mirror that gels with the decor of your living room.
Decorating the space below the mantel with the help of some cone-shaped artifacts will certainly make the fireplace mantel more prominent. You can also place a collage of colored paper pieces or several stones in that empty place, to create a more decorative look.
Try to put a pitcher containing various fresh fruits of your choice on the mantel (the color combination should match your room walls). You can also place a vase of fresh and fragrant flowers, but don't forget to replace them everyday.
Try decorating the fireplace mantel by placing objects having dissimilar heights. Place objects of different shapes and sizes; it will give the fireplace mantel a more dynamic look.
Place a glass container with exotic grass like rye and wheat on the mantle. Your favorite photo frame, memento, a mirror, or a candle can also be used as a centerpiece.
Mantel shelves are a trendy option that you can opt for. These shelves can save space as well as liven up the fireplace. A fireplace runner of a quality material can also enhance the beauty of your mantel.

Tips on Decorating Fireplace Mantels

Innovative ideas for fireplace mantel decoration are as many as you can possibly think of. Always remember, the lesser material you add, the more charm it will add to your living room decoration.
You can also carry out the decorating on a specific theme according to the season, a special occasion or a festival. Those who don't have a fireplace mantel can assume the wall above to be a mantel and decorate it creatively.
Never place any inflammable object here in order to maintain safety. Above all, always keep the fireplace as well as the mantel really clean that will help enhance any decorative idea that you have worked on.