Fireplace Mantel Decor

Mamta Mule Dec 15, 2018
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Fireplace mantels are the prominent parts of a room, and using lovely fireplace decor is a great idea to spice up its looks. These ideas will help you decorate the mantel in a unique way.
Fireplace mantels are usually the focal point of most of the living rooms. You can give a dazzling look to the entire area with the right decor. All you need to do is add elements to complement the overall look of the fireplace. Here are some ideas on decorating the mantel.

Artificial Flowers

Artificial flowers are a great way to spruce up the mantel. Be it the borders of the mantel or the top board, artificial flowers of various types and colors are best to beautify this place. You can have flowers of same type and color that goes well with the color of the mantlepiece.
Have them arranged in decorative baskets on the chimney piece. You can also hang these in bunch on either side. Add artificial leaves and long stems to these bunches and have a fresh looking mantel ready.

Colorful Candles

One of the most popular ideas is to use candles.
Candles come in a number of shapes, decorative designs, and beautiful colors as well. So, you can have a collection of these. You may use these in rainbow colors and have a colorful mantel. You can choose from a huge variety of candle stands that play a major role in beautifying this area.

Elegant Frames

Frame a family photograph using simple wooden or metal frames, matching well with the mantel. You can hang a huge frame of photo collage on the wall above the mantel or on it. You can also add two small bouquets of artificial flowers around it.
Have a number of frames arranged nicely to create a great decor. If you place the frames on the fireplace mantel, don't just line them up from left to right; layer them. Also add pretty ceramic vases on each side with fresh flowers of same color to give a stunning look.

Classy Mirrors

Mirrors will give a dramatic look to this area.
Large decorative mirrors of antique style hung on the wall above the fireplace will look extremely beautiful. Using a number of mirrors of various sizes is also a great idea. You can hang 5-7 square frames in diamond position in a specific pattern over the wall.

Show Pieces

You can have a few such pieces of either metal or wood to decorate this place. You can also add lovely earthen wares to elegantly decorate it.
Be it simple bowls or pretty tall vases, these are sure to add a style element to this part of the house. Some bamboo baskets and decorative objects can also light up the place. You can also place large pretty bamboo or mosaic planters on each side of mantel.
These ideas will give a fresh touch to the fireplace. Use perfectly coordinating colors to create a lovely effect.
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