Fireplace Hearth Designs

Sujata Iyer Dec 24, 2018
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Having the appropriate fireplace hearth is absolutely essential if you want to make your fireplace to look welcoming and warm. In this article, we have a few ideas on how you can have a safe and stunning fireplace.
It's a freezing cold night. Snow is descending in torrents. And then you get inside your warm home and sit by the cozy gorgeous fireplace. You read a book while sipping a cup of piping hot chocolate. And when you're finally exhausted, you curl up on the rug and fall asleep, right there. Sounds perfect, doesn't it?
Now just make one small change in this whole scenario. Instead of a gorgeous fireplace, let's have a worn out one that threatens to burst into flames at any moment, because its fireproofing ability is deteriorating. Now how perfect does it seem?
Hence, some tips on fireplace hearth designs are given here. They will help you to decide what type of hearth to build for your fireplace and how you can have it looking spectacular as well.


Read these safety precautions before building a fireplace. 
  • A fireplace hearth is the elevated base, on which the fireplace is built. It is in very close proximity to the fire, so built it using completely fireproof material.
  • There are a lot of local and regional restrictions and requirements regarding the building of a fireplace, called fireplace and chimney codes. When you go in for one, make sure that you are well within the limits that have been set by the authorities.
  • Also, you must have a fire extinguisher, placed at a short distance from the fireplace, just in case.

Designs and Ideas

Before you decide on which design you should go with, it is always advisable to pick a theme. A color scheme will do too. Once you've decided this, you know exactly what you're looking for. This makes it easier to take the other decisions. Here are a few hearth designs that you can try, if you're looking to revamp an old fireplace or build an entirely one.

Designs for Fireplace Hearths


Ceramic is also fast becoming a quite popular choice for building fireplace hearths. Since it is fireproof, it can be used to add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your fireplace. Select a dull shade of ceramic or terracotta tiles if the wall adjacent to the fireplace is a dark color, or vice versa. Opt for ceramic tiles with faint prints on them.


Another idea for your hearth is to keep your fireplace plain and simple by giving it a hearth of concrete. It is durable as well as fireproof. Smoothen it out, so that you don't scrape or scratch yourself.
You can also paint it in a color that complements or contrasts the wall that the fireplace is in. You can be a little creative and draw some interesting patterns on the concrete to give it a more cheerful look.


Go for a vintage look. Use stone to create an earthly fireplace hearth. Take a combination of big and small stones. Get them cleaned and cut. Make sure all the jagged ends are smoothened out. Select a few big flat ones for the base. Use cement to hold the stones together and you have a strong and sturdy stone fireplace ready at your disposal.
These were the fireplace hearth designs and remodeling ideas. Just be safe and handle your fireplace with care!